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Saturday, November 28, 2009

A German Chocolate Cake – A Tower of Chocolate, Coconut and Nuts…

I have made lots of German Chocolate cakes in my time…from a BOX that is.

German Chocolate is my husbands favorite cake so birthdays, holidays this is usually on the menu.

What I had never done was made one from scratch.

Again I ask the age old question:

How Hard Could It Be?

Well not really hard, time consuming, utensil heavy and lots and lots of ingredients.


Cake Flour came to the party as well as…


Baking Soda

Crisco to grease the pans

Parchment paper to line the pans

Sweet Baking Chocolate (4 ounces melted)

2 secret Be Still and Know ingredients


Condensed Milk

Egg Yolks

Beaten Egg Whites (stiff peaks if you please)




Flaked Coconut

Chopped Pecans


Lots of these came to the party.


Lots of Butter was invited as well as a generous helping of Buttermilk!

It felt like I used every baking and cooking utensil in my entire kitchen as whisks, measuring spoon, pans, mixing bowl, knives and my kitchenade got a good workout!

There was sifting involved, melting, creaming of butter and sugar, separating egg yolks, alternately adding the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients, there was folding of egg whites involved…


Lots of these as well…


Lots of stirring and stirring and stirring and then more stirring…12 minutes of stirring to be exact.


Three of these…


I had to do the baking in stages as I only had two 8” pans.


More stirring…coconut and pecan go into the the cooled icing, which is really more like a custard.


Then you stack em up with generous spoonfuls of creamy sweet coconut & pecan icing in-between.


Let’s jus take a moment shall we to gaze upon it’s magnificence!


Y’all it was so tall it would not fit under my cake dome.


Paula would have been proud.

All total I used 7 egg yolks, 3 sticks of butter and 3 cups of sugar plus all the flour and bla bla bla bla…and other ingrediants.


Can’t y’all just hear the sighs of shame from the apple and pumpkin pie.

They fell sadly inadequate as they lay side by side beneath the powerful dark shadow of the mighty tower of chocolate glory!

The chocolate chip cookies have taken a vow of silence in the aftermath of their utter and complete humiliation.

I am “Tower of Chocolate” hear me roar!

It was good y’all!




Sassy Granny ... said...

Oh my ... I'm still recovering from the pumpkin & chocolate cream pies and then I run into this. I must be a glutton for punishment (good term, considering ...), but I could eat half that cake, I'm sure! I LOVE German Chocolate, but I LOVE the frosting even more.

You'll be a tough act to follow now that I'm on a diet of water & apple for ten days. They aren't terribly photo worthy, not to mention boring.


Nel said...

Enjoyed your post. You had me laughing. I can remember my Aunt was the one that made the German Chocolate Cake when we were kids. mmm... it was always sooo good!
Thanks for sharing!

Midwest Nest said...

My husband's favorite - German Chocolate. That along with Carrot Cake. May have to try this recipe.

prashant said...

I LOVE German Chocolate.

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