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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

She would have been 95 today!

Today would have been my Grandma's 95 birthday!

She has been hanging out with Jesus for six years now and I had the great privilege to be sitting at her bed side when she drew her last breath and Jesus came to usher her home.

It is quite possibly one of the sweetest moment she and I ever shared together.

I woke with thoughts of her on my mind.
Since today was her birthday she has been on my mind all day. 
I have been pondering on all the things she taught me and all the time I spent with her.

This is my grandma, I don't remember her in this was, young and beautiful. 
She has a look upon her face that says to me that she is thinking about something lovely or remembering a time when something wonderful happened.

This photograph is how I envision my grandmother.

In my childhood memories of her she look like this.

This is the face that used to pull the hams out of the oven, scoop the vanilla ice cream and pour us icy cold seven-up out of green glass bottles. This is the face that used to have our favorite cereal in the cabinets when we would come for a visit, and this is the face that would always have an ample supply of modeling clay and coloring books for us to play with.

In my adult years this is the face I remember.

The soft wrinkled skin, beautiful silver hair and the gnarled finders.

The gnarled fingers that still managed to peel the occasional peach or fry and egg and even though in the last few years the roles of care giving were reversed she was still a fount of information. She would direct our movements in the kitchen from her chair, we would occasionally take a pot over to her for her to inspect just to make sure it was coming out like it was supposed to. Not so much because we did not know what we were doing, but because we knew it would give her the sense of being necessary and included in the process she so loved to do. A process that was so much a part of her life.

She would talk for hours of all the pancake suppers she oversaw at her church, all the meals she delivered to shut ins, all the sofas she re-covered, all the gardens she planted and then harvested, chickens she raised and then chased down and well you get the picture. There was not much that in the 89 years she was on this earth she did not know how to do as far as keeping a family well fed and clothed.

In closing I share this picture, it is possibly my favorite photograph of me and my grandma, it is a very simple picture. She and I are standing on the deck of my old house. What strikes me about this picture, and I noticed it the very first time I looked at it, is the fact that we both are holding our mouths in the very same way.

That is what family is all about!



Nel said...

Bless your heart. But aren't memories wonderful. January was my memory month. My Dad went to be with Jesus Jan 2nd 1988, the day before he turned 80. My mom went to be with Jesus Jan 19 2006. She was 87. I try not to remember their last days, they were both in nursing homes, but I have alot of good memories, wonderful memories. And such a wonderful feeling knowing I will see them again!

Oma aka Meme said...

soft hugs and thank you for sharing your grandma memories- the pictures are beautiful=
remembering is bittersweet and I thank God for giving us these memory moments
hugs from Meme

Ruthie said...

What a wonderful Gramma you had. I never knew my Gramma. What a blessing that you had her.

Granny on the Web said...

Love to read your reminiscence of a dearly loved Grandmother, thank you for sharing her with us. I know that one day you will be with her again in the next life, what a wonderful promise from God. I hold onto that knowledge when I get sad at the passing of my beloved family.
You have a lovely way with words, when I get a picture in my mind through words I know the writing is from the heart.
Love Granny

Kim said...

What precious memories! My maternal grandmother died before I was born, I've never met the paternal one (pretty sure she died but have no idea). The one grandma I do remember is my stepdad's mom. I loved visiting her in Tennessee every summer! She never treated me like a step-grandchild. I was just family. Precious memories! We all need grandmas in our lives, whether our own or someone elses :-)

Technonana said...

What a sweet and loving tribute to the memory of a precious person. As I look at my own hands, I see my mothers and her mothers.
It's very possible that your grandmother and my mother are hanging out with Jesus together. My mother joined the heavenly choir about the same time that your grandmother went home.
Giving you a virtual 'HUG',

Mary said...

What a sweet tribute to your grandmother. My mother was past 94 when she died and I was with her when she took her last breath also. I was holding her hand and it, too, was a very special time In fact the last few weeks of my mother's life were some of the sweetest times shared together.
I love the picture of you and your grandmother where you are holding your mouth the same. That's neat!

This is the first comment I have left this year! Still haven't posted anything since January. But there are plenty of other blogs to read. :)

love, mary

Sassy Granny ... said...

I'm sure she looks from on high to read this tribute, and smiles with such great pride. "That's my granddaughter" - - I can just hear her tell Jesus. Likely He wears that same smile as He responds ... "That she is; and she's My very own!"

What a precious thing to hang with Jesus!

My heartfelt condolences.


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