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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Squall Line....I had to get this of my chest!!

(Edit-I forgot to mention Beverly @ Dancing with the Daffodils host Squall Line on the first and third Tuesday of the month so go over and check it out!!! )

I have been blog hopping for that last several minutes in the hope that I would find a germ of an idea or even a tiny spark that would blossom into a coherent thought or even a humorous recollection. You all are wonderfully witty,inspired, thought provoking and I was with great hope wishing  it would rub off on me, alas I remain hopelessly uninspired so I decided that whining was preferable to remaining silent. 

One of my favorite lines from Steel Magnolias "You know what they say? If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me!

So here goes, I have found myself growing quite tired of all the Jenny Craig, Nutri-system commercials. 

The latest from Jenny Craig has sent me over the edge. I am sure you have seen the new campaign with Phylicia Rashad, we should all wish to look as good as she does, I find it very disturbing that now they are placing the image of someone who clearly has no need to loose any weight in front of us to convince us even further that no matter how we look we can always look better, that no matter what size we are we will always need to be a size smaller. 

I for one am fed up with this obsession we as a culture have with trying to fit into a mold that has been shoved down our proverbial throats. 

I feel much better now that that is off my chest!

I have one final thought, Jenny and Phylicia, ya'll need to get a grip "Bless your Heart!"

Blessing and "Bless Your Heart!"



Sassy Granny ... said...

I like that, "Squall Line"! What a perfect headliner, and probably an even more perfect segue to some deep thoughts. I mean, who among us hasn't been floating safely on life's seas only to find they'd crossed some imaginary line that entails swells and swampings?

Me too. The preoccupation with all that's "smaller" is just ridiculous. If you look at famous women in history, I dare say very few of them could walk a runway. My kinda heroes!

Be blessed,

Beverlydru said...

I agree wholeheartedly. And I snicker over that line from Steel Magnolias. What a great movie! I am honored that you linked up to to the Squall Line and I love what Sassy had to say about Squalls.

Patrice said...

Love the term "Squall Line" I might have to stel that one from time to time!

I myself have been on a soapbox for most of the day and I will have to jump on yours and agree. I am sick to death of all the diet commercials! Ughh!

MichaƩle said...

I am loving your blog. I've been going through quite a test this week and was looking for inspiration on my blog friends' blogrolls...and I found you!

I loved the Steel Magnolia quote! Last April, I went to the town where it was filmed to stay in the house where it was also filmed and visit all the filming sites! I am a HUGE fan!

Thanks for the inspirational words...I will be back again!

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