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Friday, February 20, 2009

6 random things about me

Skoots1mom tagged me the other day and being the lazy individual that I am I am just now getting around to giving it a go. So here is installment #2 of 6 Random things about me. I had to go back and re-read my previous post because I could not remember the last 6 random thins I wrote down. All this randomness is stressing me out.


1. Breakfast is my favorite dinner. Give me plate of scrambled eggs and bacon or a stack of pancakes and I am a happy girl.

2. I have made four Locks of Love (pictures to follow in a later post) donations of 10” or more.

3. I have kept a journal since 1977. I have a large Rubbermaid container full of all my journals and from time to time I will revisit all the really embarrassing times in my life.

4. I prefer to eat an apple that has been cut up into slices, I will only eat an apple with my teeth if I absolutely have to, kinda weird I know!

5. I absolutely despise powdered coffee creamer. I will drink my coffee black if powdered creamer is the only alternative. I also do not like sugar in my coffee. I like the flavor of coffee with half & half, it is like what I imaging being in heaven will be one day…coffee with half and half with out all the fat. I have attempted to fool myself with fat Free half and half but I found that I spent too much time wondering exactly what they had to do to the half and half to make it fat free seeing as half and half in mostly fat. I think it is better off if we just don’t know certain things.

6. I got a manicure today, the last time I got a manicure was in 2002. I am also wondering why the majority of manicurist are of Asian decent. She tried her best to make conversation with me but sadly I had a very difficult time understanding her. However my nails look fabulous. 

So there ya go…6 random things about me.

I am supposed to tag 6 people but in an effort to maintain my lazy status I will simply say “Tag you're it!” but only if you feel like it!





lmerie said...

Like your list! #4 is not strange to me...I NEVER bite into an apple, the thought gives my teeth a weird feeling. Has to be sliced :)


skoots1mom said...

i don't like getting apple peel in my gums and between my teeth, it hurts and then i have to go floss.

your nails look so nice and i knowthey feel wonderfully soft...maybe next week i can go get mine done...meanwhile i need to drink lots of water and get rehydrated.

Granny on the Web said...

I'll take the 'tag' Robin. It gets the old brain into action trying to set out things to write about in a post.
Love keeping up with your blog.

Love Granny

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