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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Woman on a Mission

No April Fool's here!
If you know me then you will also know that I have an extreme issue with Oprah. I am on a mission to make sure that everyone knows the truth about her (in my opinion) very disturbing and dangerous New-Age movement. I urge all of you to read the article “Oprah’s New Age Gospel”

It grieves my heart to think that millions of people are looking to this woman for spiritual guidance. I must confess that I used to be on of them. I faithfully tuned in every day to watch her show at 4:00pm. Well, it so sadden me now to tune in and see the admiration and blind devotion that so many place at her feet, I am now spending that 4:00 pm hour away from that worldly influence. If Oprah endorses it, it must be good, if Oprah is reading it must be a bestseller, if Oprah is wearing it it must be another must have, if Oprah is preaching it then it must be true.

But nothing could be farther from the truth. As my spiritual journey deepened I began to see some very disturbing truths revealed to me where her "spiritual leaderships" is concerned. So may people are putting there trust in the gospel of Oprah and not searching for themselves what the real truth is.

God does not want us to place our hearts upon man made things or man made concepts. He wants our whole heart without reservation grounded in the truth of His word, not the false teaching of a media icon. In further research I found a related article where an author Marcia Z. Nelson has written and entire book “The Gospel According to Oprah” on the subject expounding upon the greatness of Oprah as a spiritual leader.

I would encourage everyone to speak the truth boldly to your secular friends who may be dabbling in the gospel according to Oprah. We who follow Jesus know the truth, and the truth will overcome all imposter's.

I will also confess that I have felt called to pray for Oprah, this has been very difficult due to my extreme dislike for what she is doing, however I would encourage everyone to lift her up as well as all the others who would be swayed by her message to seek the truth.

The truth of Jesus Christ.

I have no officially stepped off my soap box for today.

On a completely unrelated and really irrelevant topic. I am so totally proud of myself for figuring out how to add a link with in the text in my post. YAAAAAA for ME!


Sarah said...

Hey girl I have been saying that for a long long time. But it isn't just our secular friends. Our Christian friends are also sucked in because of her generosity and good works. She and the spiritualist Marianne Williamson are teaching an online class... which is a false gospel.

Anyway more power to ya.

Robin Lambright said...

Yea! I have done some research on that course as well and it is very disturbing.

oboegirl531 said...

Oh goodness. That is really scary stuff. ~Leah

Mezzo Forte said...

It's VERY unfortunate that someone with so much influence is so deceived by Satan.

Nancy said...

I, too, have become increasingly uncomfortable with Oprah. She is so influential, and it's such a waste of the gifts that God has given her that she is preaching this New Age garbage. Just imagine what a witness she could be if she were preaching Christ. But, then, would she be as popular? Probably not.

Society doesn't want to be accountable. It isn't popular to take a stand for what is right. It is so much easier to embrace adultery, homosexuality and watered-down "religion." It reminds me of the scripture that says that people will want to have their ears tickled instead of hearing and obeying the truths of God.

Let's pray for Oprah to come to Christ - and for her audience.

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