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Friday, April 18, 2008

Respect for your elders!

We love reading how God is working in all of your lives, however some of us in the older generation are all going blind from squinting at the computer to read the size 5 fonts in your post. Have compassion and mercy for our failing eyesight please!!! This is gentle and heartfelt request. For all you wonderful bloggers out there, take pity on the aged and INCREASE THE SIZE OF YOUR TYPEFACE.

GE 27:1 When Isaac was old and his eyes were so weak that he could no longer see,


SweatPea said...

Hey Robin,
I am one of those who have a small font. Unfortunately, I've found there are not a lot of options in the font size or style in blogging...they call it "smallest, small, etc." I have chosen the small because my posts are so long that if I do a larger font, I'm afraid people will be deterred because of the length. However, I will ablige you as I know you've been to my blog and I'll increase the font. :-)

I'll be posting again today or tomorrow. Come see me...come see my larger font!!!!
Be Blessed,

SweatPea said...

I just noticed that you have my blog listed as one you visit.

Bless your heart. That just really touches my heart...as I now fight back the tears...I would've never thought that the Lord would use me in this way when I started this blog that I would be honored that so many people would regularly visit my blog...and even post it on theirs as regularly visit. I thought started a blog and fulfilling my desire to write was just a pipe dream.

God may think I'm a slow learner of His ways and that I'm hard headed when He has to tell me and show me that I am worthy of being used and what I have to offer is beautiful and creative. The Lord is definitely building confidence in me and my value in His work!!

May God bless your sweet soul!

Alex said...

I've got a solution for you. In Internet Explorer, if you hit the "Page" button on the right, it gives you the ability to select YOUR OWN text size. Hope that helps.

skoots1mom said...

My Daddy loved peanuts...when I was a kid, he would often call me "goober"...and when we would get frustrated, it was our word to use instead of "bad" words...
oh, goobers! he would say...
Thanks for bringing part of my Daddy back to me as I read this.

My fav'rite--when he called me "skeeter"...an old Southern name for mosquitoes--never sit still.
He'd always make comment about my dancin', flippin', standin' on my head, hangin' upside down on the monkey bars, doin' back-handsprings in the backyard. Isn't it ironic, when ChannaBaby came into the world and began softball, her nickname was "Skooter"...and I still call her "Skoot".
Skeeter and Skooter, that's us!
: )

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