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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Not My Shade!

This posting is totally irrelevant to anything so if you are looking to waist some time on the unimportant then by all means keep reading , but to borrow from my sweet Fiddle*Sticks, everyone is entitled to my opinion, even when it is so not important to anything except that this current search has brought a level of frustration into my life, and I recognize that life is short and I just want my lipstick back!

I’m not a "fou fou" kinda girl, I can go for several days with out giving my make-up drawer a thought. I have reached a place in my life where (at time’s) I can look in the mirror and so totally not care if I ever apply another layer of foundation to my face. The aging process is what it is and nothing I buy or put on my face is going to alter that process in way. But there are times when I look in the mirror and in an effort to avert the “Medusa Effect” I reach for my make-up drawer. Let me also say that for twenty three years I never had a make-up drawer in my bathroom, so now that I can allocate a single drawer souly to the contents of make-up is major improvement in my life.

With this being said I am now faced with a dilemma, not a life altering dilemma, yet it has been a source of frustration and at times down right frightening. You see I am out of lipstick. For years I had two tubes of lipstick. I kept one in my purse and one in the bathroom. It was my shade. Well “My Shade” of Almay lipstick specifically “One Coat Lip Color” #27 no longer exist.

After years of satisfaction I am now forced to find another comparable shade and brand. For me this in not an easy task. I now have four tubes of lipstick in my make-up drawer that miss the mark. I know it was totally unsanitary and probably a huge mess for the store retailers to deal with, but I miss the days where you could actually give a shade a quick swipe on the wrist to actually see what the color would be.

I can say without question that the shade indicators on the actual tubes of lipstick have been less that satisfactory, and the teen ninny tip poking though the clear window of the packaging is simply not enough to judge whether it will be an appropriate choice. So what are you to do but pick a color that you think may work and take your chances? And you get the added bonus of forking out as much as $8.00 for the privilege. Sorta like a slot machine a Vegas!

Today I am not concerned with world peace, or feeding the hungry or trying to resolve the country’s financial crisis. For today all I want is a tube of lipstick that doesn’t adhere to my lips like the finish on a sports car or make my lips glow in the dark or my husband run for cover. Is that to much to ask?????????


Sarah said...

I sympathize dear one.

violin3679 said...

Sista, that's what they're banking on to get their money. Get yourself a Mary Kay lady and try on all the lipstick you want before you buy it.

skoots1mom said...

robin steele is a good Mary Kay lady and I have tried her samples! and I know they definitely have good ones with no sparkle...nice matte colors...

I get frustrated trying to find DARK BROWN mascara...with blue eyes, black is too harsh, so the "makeover" specialists say, so I try to find dark brown...001a, 001b, brownblack, brownishblack,midnight black. When I do happen up on it I buy 3 or 4 to keep in my stash. Maybe I should get them dyed???

Mezzo Forte said...

yep, I love me some Mary Kay and I do all my "Mary Kayin" through Robin Steele. I hate getting that tube of lip shine home only to realize that it's no where remotely close to the color on the bottom or it makes me look like I should add some diner blue eye shadow to complete the roadside restaurant look....UGH. Being beautiful is so painful for women. All men have to do is shave (and sometimes not even) slap on some deodorant and good smell...and they're done...HATE EM (well not really but ya know)

Robin Lambright said...

Mary Kay once, Mary Kay twice, Mary Kay thrice, I'm sensing a pattern here! Wouldn't it be great if all life's problems could be solved this easily!

Sarah said...

Mary Kay 3 times.

Sarah said...

I mean 4.
I'm not good with numbers.


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