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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blue Bird Love????

Many post ago, I found myself whining about the pitiful state of my back yard. I shared that I seldom found a reason to even look out there due to the vast barrenness of my tiny patch of ground. I do not even recall if I even prayed about this particular issue. I was just content to complain and bemoan how awful my backyard was. Well God in His infinite wisdom quite possibly got very tired of my internal whining and has graciously given me something to look at in my back yard after all.

Several days ago I awoke to an anxious ruckus in my back yard. I sat on my sofa drinking my morning coffee and was promoted to rise and investigate the source of the strange disturbance.

To give you a brief bit of background, just after moving into our new house my sister gave me a bird house as a birthday gift. A sweet small wood house with a tiny perch on the front. Having no trees in the back yard (yet!) I had to purchase a wrought iron shepherds crook to stake in the ground to hold the bird house. I placed it in the back yard as more of a decoration. I had no hopes that there would be any birds that would choose to take up residence in this small sanctuary.

Well I’m not an ornithologist, however I suspect I have a courting pair of Blue Birds in my back yard. For several hours that day they squeaked and carried on. They swooped and darted around. They would come to rest on the top of the crook and they would flutter and flap their wings. At first I became very alarmed. Their behavior reminded me of how momma birds act when one of the babies has fallen out of the nest. I possibly thought at a baby had flown into the house and was not able to figure how to get back out. During a lull in bird activity I snuck out to the backyard to investigate to see if in fact there was any sign of life from with in the bird house. There were no noises coming from with in the house so I rested a bit more easily that there was no reason to panic that a baby bird was trapped within.

However the activity has remained constant around this tiny house. My guess is that this courting blue bird has staked his claim on the perspective home for his future family. He and his sweetheart have been swooping around this birdhouse for the past two days. It has been fascinating to watch.

I have rearranged the furniture in my sunroom as to accommodate my camera and tripod. I felt like a National Geographic photographer patiently hiding in the African savanna trying to catch the perfect photograph. The birds still are not used to the presence of people on the other side of the glass and have a tendency to fly off as soon as I draw near to the camera. However a solution presented itself. I found that if I waited until I found the birds perched on the fence then it was only a few moment before they would glide over to the top of the crook. Well I hit the video button on my camera and was able to capture this Romeo blue bird. He proudly perches atop the crook announcing to the birds with in his hearing that this house has been claimed and to officially steer clear. Juliette Blue bird is a bit more difficult to capture. But I was so excited to actually capture him of video that I had to share it with all of you.

Is there a Blue Bird Wedding in the works???

Will there be a Blue Bird family setting up house in my backyard?

I am waiting and watching.

Is God cool or what!


SweetPea said...

Yes, He is. I have a beautifully landscaped back yard...at least for now...I'm trying to sell it since the divorce. It's like a mini park. I am always amazed at the birds in the yard. They are what I will miss most. I have two decorative ponds and I think the water also attracts them though I've never seen them pirched in the pond. I see the most beautiful blue and red birds. It just blows my mind at their beauty. I've yet to be able to capture them on photo. I wish I could at least before I depart this home. I never knew how much I loved birds and seeing them so close until this house. I too have a birdhouse that they live in.
Holdin'to Him,

SweetPea said...

Oh, I was not able to open your video. Not sure if it's my work computer or what. I'll try to remember to check from home. I hope I can get it.

Sarah said...

Outside my sunroom window a pair of cardinals have had babies. We watched for two weeks as she nested on her triplet eggs. As of today it looks like 2 of the 3 have hatched :)

We have babies and I don't even have to do diapers.

SweetPea said...

I was able to see the video from home. How precious. I love how birds are so quick in turning their heads this way and that way. The jayhook is gently swaying too..that's so precious!

skoots1mom said...

He's so intentional...great silhouette shot, too!
I love how God answered your prayer...isn't He the best at creativity!! duh!!!!!

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