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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fathers and Daughters

This past Sunday as we concluded our worship service there was the normal alter call and several people availed themselves of the opportunity. From my spot I have a very good view of the people kneeling in prayer, but what I noticed was something else. How lucky are the little girls who have daddies who go to the alter with them to pray? Not one, not two but three separate fathers came with their daughters and knelt beside them and prayed.

I was so touched to watch this process. These little girls were all in their elementary school ages. It was so encouraging to watch as these young ladies lead by the hand with their father to the alter. Some of them knelt down side by side, one father put a protective arm around his daughters shoulder and she in turn turned her head to his and rested it gently on his side. He then tuned his head to the side to meet hers. They knelt there intertwined together his arms protectively around her and her head resting on his side. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

I have to say that I am ever so thankful for the strong man that is my husband. It is that example that will lead our daughter in the choices she will make. My daughter will know what a man of good character looks like by the behavior modeled by my husband. She will know to value herself by the value my husband places upon her. She will know how a husband should treat a wife by the example that we as a couple set before her as well.

It brings tears to my eyes to remember the scene before me this past Sunday. I can’t help but think and also give thanks for how fortunate those little girls are.

I am also remembering a very small touching moment many (many, many) month ago as well. My wonderful husband walked through the door with a bouquet of flowers for me, but that is not unusually (you see I have a wonderful husband but I already said that) but he did something different on this occasion. He not only had a bouquet of flowers for me he had one for my daughter as well. He walked over to her and handed her the flowers and told her he loved her. Then as he was walking away from her he stopped for a moment and turned around and looked at her and very quietly said “And don’t except any thing less!”

At the time she was just a little girl, and I don’t think she fully understood the implication of his statement, but now that she is turning from her childishness into a young woman these thing will begin to become more important to her. I am so thankful that as she begins on this journey into womanhood she will have a faithful father to accompany her to the alter when she needs to go there.

I am also ever so thankful that she will have this example to show her what a good man, a good Christian man looks like.

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A God Chaser said...

thanks for dropping by my blog. I hope you are lead there often. I have just learned about blogs and it has open a new world and I am amaze (as I ofen am with God) at the number of women God is blessing and how He has created this great way for us to share our thoughts and faith with one another. Your daughter is very bless and so are you to have a husband that teaches her what to look for in a man. it is so vey hard for our young ladies to learn these things today. So few fathers take the time. Such memories are something to behold. God bless

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