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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 47: An Empty Nest Trial Run, Thanksgiving and a Birthday

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday week. I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Well it was a good week so let’s get right at it…

No pictures on Sunday, November 18  

Monday, November 19

The Hubs had a business trip  so he hopped a plane flew out of town on Monday morning and the Girlchild made arrangement to spend the majority of the week with her cousin and Aunt.

Sooo you know what that meant…..I had a few days all to myself! Woooo Hooooooo!!!!!!!

We met at our usual place to make the exchange and when they drove up I had one of those moments that you have from time to time when you realize that the little babies you love are growing up.

My niece and nephew behind the wheel of a car. Being twins the deal is the Neicegirl get to drive there and Nephewboy gets to drive home. Knowing these two as I do I was more than a bit concerned to place my beloved Girlchild in the vehicle knowing that Nephewboy would be driving them back home. God is good and he heard my prayers and they all made it safely back to my sisters house.


Tuesday, November 20, it was a studio day so I do not have any pictures and since I was all by my lonesome I could stay as long as I wanted……

We loaded the kiln, that is always exciting. It’s a bit more thought provoking than I expected. It has to be done with a bit more care than a greenware kiln. There has to be sufficient room around all the pieces and they can not touch any where or they will stick together.     

Wednesday,November 21

The good/bad thing about working with the clay is that sometimes you hit the nail on the head and sometime you miss the nail and hit your thumb BAD. I had a mostly hits this week, one fail and one so so!

This is my score. I love this bowl. I love how it turned out.

lime green and yellow bowl_1

It is just big enough for salad for two!


You can’t have the good with out the bad. I was not very happy with how these coffee mugs turned out. I will not be using this glaze again. I was disappointed because I really like the way the mugs turned out with the carving but the way the glaze set up on the cup…YUCK!!!!!

I just think it looks awful! These are going on the free shelf for sure…..


Thursday, November 22

It really was like an empty nets trial run. It was just the Hubs and me for Thanksgiving breakfast.

On the Menu: Homemade Raisin Cinnamon Swirl Toast, Thick Cut Bacon, Scrambled Eggs and Maple Citrus Salad and Orange Juice.

It was a nice relaxing way to start my Thanksgiving off….


After breakfast we made arrangement to retrieve the Girlchild from my sisters and then it was off to my SIL for Thanksgiving.

I think we had enough food y’all!


My DIL made a very good cheese cake to contribute to the desert selections….


After we left my SIL we went back over to my sisters house. My mom’s birthday is the 23 and then mine is the next day. So it was cake and ice cream for a small family birthday celebration at my sisters, but no pictures. Mom is recovering from hip surgery so she can not yet do the stairs up to the main level, so it was a bit crowded down in the basement MIL suite for any good pictures.

Friday, November 23

I came home from my visit with my mom with a project. I have very little photographic evidence of my childhood. I dug around at moms and found all the old albums. I now have them here at the house. I am in the process of scanning them. The albums are in need of replacement as well. That will be my next project. I will have to use a scrapbook and the small corner attachment stickers on a lot of them as they are all the very small black and white photographs. You can be sure it will be a lengthy and on going process for some time. If you are friends with me on FB then you probably have seen most of the pictures I have scanned so far. I loaded them on to my profile.


I scanned several dozen photographs on Friday. I will share just a few of my favorites.

This is my Grandmother and Grandfather on their wedding day.


I think this is my new favorite picture of Grandma, I think I even have a memory of her crawling around on the floor climbing in and out of that tunnel with my little cousins.    


This is me y’all! It was so loud and chaotic that I did not have the opportunity to get the details on all the pictures. I estimate that I am probably about 6 to 9 month old here…


Not sure here, probably 3 or 4????


I was assigned the mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving. Well my culinary spirit would not rest until I actually cooked something for Thanksgiving. I made a menu plan and since I was in my house and I am a grown up I get to mostly do what I want…….I cooked!

Friday I did a lot of prep work getting my meal ready. I picked a HUGE bowl of fresh swiss chard and lettuce. The Girlchild and I like greens the hubs not so much so he gets a fresh tossed salads tomorrow.


Saturday, November 24

It’s my birthday and I’ll cook if I want to…

It was just the three of us but I just can’t let Thanksgiving get past me with out a bit of cooking in my kitchen. It just make me happy y’all and that’s all there is to it….

On the Menu: Cranberry Orange Glazed Roast Pork Loin, Sausage & Apple Dressing with Dried Cranberries, Macaroni and Cheese, Swiss Chard with Bacon and Golden Raisins and a Fresh Garden Salad.

It was really good!


Now I have some leftover in the frig….

I told the Hubs exactly what I wanted for my birthday and he actually listened…what a concept!

I see a Crème Brule in my future. I have been wanting a kitchen torch for a long time y’all, especially since my broiler on the oven does not work!


Well it was a good week y’all! I move on to finishing the decorating for Christmas this week and scanning more pictures and making a crème brule!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I pray blessings for all good this holiday season for all my wonderful blogging pals!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!






Loved your week in review. Loved the salad bowl and even though they were messed up....I liked the cups too. Am jealous of you creme brûlée burner thing.

The Bug said...

I would be a total menace with a torch in the kitchen - that just sounds like a recipe for disaster (ha - I crack myself up). But I'm glad you got what you wanted :)

All that food looks amazing - yum!

I love those old pictures - especially the wedding pic & your baby shot.

rita said...

Me too--baby pic and wedding pics, sweet! Have fun with that loooooooong project. I'll be interested in hearing how it's going and about the process.
I could so relate to your disappointment over the glaze results. We are accumulating them as well...freebies!

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