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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 44

Good P365 Morning to y’all! As luck would have it my alarm clock automatically updates the time! This is a good thing because I totally forgot to set my clocks back last night. But as most days my internal alarm clock has for some time thought I was a farmer and wakes me up well before the sun even begin to think of poking it’s head above the horizon. I was up and making coffee and fixing all the no automatic clocks at 6:00 a, this morning…Yea for me! I was actually up at 6:30 but I refused to get out of bed on principle just to be a bit rebellious!

Sunday, October 28

I was forced to go to the grocery store on Sunday. We were down to our last cracker and since the Girlchild does not consider cereal an appropriate dinner substitute I headed to the grocery store after church. I have shared with y'all before about the wonders of my peri-menopausal state of being. Well it had been several months, so long that I was in that altered state of euphoria wishing and praying that all the wonderful things about being a woman were finally over. Alas it was not to be. But I digress. Back to the grocery store. I had my list in hand and I was placing all the necessary things in my cart. I randomly caught other things of interest and placed them in my cart as well. It was not until I was in the check out isle that I saw a pattern developing.

Are you sensing the theme of the day. I had successfully filled the necessary chocolate prescription to medicate the hormonal deficiency that was happening internally. I had a fleeting thought of slathering the hazelnut spread over the Raspberry Milano’s so I could use the cookie to scoop out the Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream while drizzling the chocolate syrup over it but cooler head prevailed and I just ate the cookie and waited to have the ice cream for desert!


Monday, October 29

God is good and there was a satellite office for early voting just around the corner for me. It was very, very  windy and cold on Monday. The hurricane brought lots of strong winds inland. It also deterred lots of folks for getting out to vote. Fortunately for me I prepared for the occasion with my ear muffs and gloves and was quite comfortable waiting in line. Door to door it took me only 48 minutes to cast my vote. Yea for me!


I finished this Prayer Shawl over the weekend. I got around to get it photographing today. It really is a very nice pattern and I am very happy with how it turned out. However for me in my mentally challenges state of mind the 12 row repeat was a bit of a strain on my ability to retain what row I was on and where I left off and where I needed to pick back up.



No pictures on Tuesday, October 30 or Wednesday, October 31

Thursday, November 1

My small group meets on Thursday evenings, I've told y’all that before. Most weeks we meet at the church but tonight we met at my house. We planned to have dinner and then watch a movie. I decide that since it was the beginning of the fall holiday season that a bit of fall festiveness was in order.


Skoots1mom made this sweet little Halloween decoration. I have it hanging in my kitchen. Muffinhead bounced in the kitchen today and looked up at it and said; “B. O. O. that spells Boo Grandma!”


Friday, November 2

I may be able to maintain my garden in the backyard, but as far as keeping a house plant alive I still take great pride in torturing them in a long, slow and painful death. This small corner stand had been next the kitchen table for some time. It held three Christmas cactus and my one lone house plant. Well the cactus have finally drawn there last breath and I decide that I could put this little shelf to better use. I moved my one remaining house plant somewhere else. I have to share that I really like having my cast iron out when I can see it. It makes it much more accessible. Out of site out of mind. Now I can have it at hand and not have to root around in the drawer under my oven for it every time I want to use it!


Saturday, November 3

YES! A picture of dirt!

I worked all day in the backyard. I shared with y’all several weeks ago about digging up all my bulbs. Well after you dig them up, well they need to go back in. Granted I have about a billion left over to give away. But I managed to get several new iris beds planted around the back yard landscape. Now all I have to do is wait for spring and anticipate all the new color it will add to the back yard.


Well that is my week. For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!


rita said...

Beautiful shawl, lovely pattern.
Give me some gardening lessons: why does one dig up bulbs?

momma frans said...

Chocolate!!! YES! That is my kind of grocery shopping!
Your fall table is lovely, and that prayer shawl pattern is beautiful!!!

sara said...

I was just talking to my friend this weekend on how bad I am about keeping house plants alive....I have not been successful yet.

the shawl is gorgeous!!! But I would have a hard time remember what row I was on too!!!


Love love love that shawl. It was so beautiful.

The Bug said...

I love your snack idea - I think I would have had to try it at least once :) There must be something in the air - I've been eating chocolate like it's endangered & apparently Momma Fran has been too. Ha!

Love the boo - very cute. And I like your voting sticker much better than mine. Would it be lame to move to Georgia just to have a cuter sticker?

Sassy Granny ... said...

It's a good thing we don't live in near proximity or we'd both weigh 380 pounds! I love your

As for knitting, I will just have to admire your talent. The best I can do is one long row. Not much I can do with a 200 foot yarn rope.

Sweet Tea said...

What a pretty Fall table for your group...YES!! To all the chocolate too!!

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