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Friday, November 16, 2012

My House is Quiet…a few random thoughts

Sometimes when my son is out of town on a job they call it quits on Thursday and then he has Friday off. His day off mean I have the morning off as well and Muffinhead is not here. I so enjoy my time with her but I also am enjoying the quiet and having a morning to myself.

The Hubs comes home this afternoon from a business trip as well, so after I hit the post button I have a bit of pick up to do to get the house in order for his arrival. When the Hubs is away the wife will be….very lazy!

I have my shopping list to make today and then a trip to the store. I am not having thanksgiving at my house this year. It has been many years since I have been able to actually have a thanksgiving at my house and sit at my table. All things in good time, yes I know but I will confess I am longing for a simple uncomplicated holiday time of being at home and doing what I want to do and not having to yield to the wishes of extended family.

In years past I have opted for having my own Thanksgiving celebration a few days after. I get to do what I want, cook what I want and have a post thanksgiving feast.

In a perfect world I imagine my family all seated around the same table enjoying a wonderful meal and just spending the day together enjoying each others company.

One day….

Second I have been contemplating how life goes in cycles. Over the last few months I have been having a bit of a creative surge. I have been pondering on how different opportunities come into your life, or different energy levels, different or new things are revealed. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning pottery. I have also found some new inspiration and enjoyment with my yarn work as well. I also spent some time at the easel (You can click here if you want to see a picture of my latest painting. I have been living with it for a few house on the mantle and I am thinking it still needs a bit of tweaking.) this past week as well. Where does all this creative energy come from? I wonder from time to time. All I really want to do is paint, work with the clay, crochet/knit or cook. Yet the grown-up in me knows that things like laundry and shopping still need to get done.

I do have some theories about this creative surge. I think there is some bizarre connection between the waning hormonal situation going on within. I have no scientific evidence to link this to absolute fact but that's my theory and I am running with it. I also have to concede to the reality that aside from my few hours each day with Muffinhead I am no longer running after little ones on a 24/7 basis. The reality of caring for little ones on a daily basis is a total energy sucker. Even the few house I have my sweet girl does drain my energy levels. I also think that with age comes great perspective. My ability to weight what is really important verse what is necessary improves with the aging process. There are many things that are necessary for a happy life, however most of the necessary things for happiness have noting to do with a clean kitchen floor or dust free furniture. That’s my opinion…I know that there are those who find comfort in these activities…that would not be me.

Well I think that is enough randomness for the morning. I am off to pick up my house, make my shopping list and maybe decide on the next subject matter for my next painting. I think a trip to Hobby Lobby is in order as my paint stash is in need of replenishing….

Well I’m off to pick up after that slob who lives on this house…oh wait that’s me! From where I am sitting I can see no less that three pairs of shoe that need to make there way back to my closet…..

Y’all have a blessed weekend!


What creative endeavors do you enjoy doing?

When was the last time you indulged your creative side?

If you haven't indulged that creative side what is holding you back?

Just some weekend food for thought.


The Bug said...

It's a good thing that a clean house isn't required for happiness because otherwise I would be miserable!

I really want to go to Michael's today because they have a yarn sale going on. But I haven't planned ahead to know what all I might need. For example, have I even looked at that pattern you sent me? NO. It's dangerous for me to go in without a plan - I might come out with who knows what!

Life in a Small Town said...

I met a lady last weekend who was making a hat and scarf. I thought she was crocheting, but it turned out she had some gadgets that kind of did it for her. Seems like cheating to me, but the hat turned out nicely!

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