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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 46: Crocheting, painting and pottery….it was a good week!

Good Morning, or afternoon depending on what time you pop over.

It’s very early for me. The family is still sleeping and I am waiting for the coffee to finish brewing. It’s officially cold here. I woke several times last nigh to see the temps outside fall below freezing.

Well it was a good week for me, lost of time to do things I wanted to do, the hubs was out of town again so I had a mini housework vacation. I was in the zone with a lot of creative juices flowing, who knows were that came from….but I have a theory. You can click here to ready my highly scientific reasoning…NOT!

I got almost a picture every day this week…not to bad!

Let’s get at it!

Sunday, October 11

My fall garden is bursting with lettuce and my remaining peppers are still doing very well. I love watching the peppers turn from green to red!


I finished another Homespun Shawl. I have started using the traditional granny square pattern. It comes together very quickly and the simplicity of the concentric squares is a nice pattern I think.


Monday, October 12

I thought I would show you all a picture of where I have been spending most of my time of late. This is a picture of the pottery studio. It is very small, about the size of a two car garage. The setting is very rustic, my friends house is set way off the road and surrounded by trees. You feel like you are in a cabin in the mountains. The little boy in the picture is one of my friends grandchildren. They appear for time to time to work on project under the careful direction of Grammee. One day I am going to take Muffinhead over and let her get her hands dirty….


Tuesday, October 13

Since the Hubs is out of town the DD and I decide to take advantage of the Dairy Queen special they are running right now. $5.00 for a Cheese burger, fries, drink and a mini blizzard. You can’t beat that in my book. And for the recode the DQ that is just around the corner has the all time best French fries I have ever tasted…..


Wednesday, October 14


More crochet, I told ya these come together quick…


Thursday, October 15

In the evenings I have been spending time at the easel. I think I am very nearly finished with this one. I have been living with it for a few days. There are a few minor tweaks that I need to make but over all I am satisfied with the results. The funny thing about painting or any kind of creative endeavor is the self critique. One minute I am happy with it and then the next I think it is total crap…

If you want to see my post abut this painting from start to finish you can click here.


No pictures on Friday, October 16

Saturday, October 17

Here is a picture of my first large bowl. Well large for me anyway. Ann, my friend does amazing large bowls all the time. I aspire to her skill level one day, but then she has been doing it for over ten years.

I was happy with this one. Just don’t look to closely at the construction, it’s  bit wonky around the outer edge and it wobbles just a bit on the bottom. Oh well it’s an imperfect world filled with humans trying to achieve perfection, laughing at myself right now. It remind me of all those art projects that your children bring home from elementary school. You treasure them because of who made them not for how they look.


I brought home a second piece, but I was totally not happy with the results so I am going to keep my disappointment to myself. It is a functional piece but I was not happy with how the glaze turned out and a giant piece cracked off the bottom. It sits flat but when you turn it over …crater time! Live and learn. An important rule in pottery, don't get emotionally invested in any piece you are working on until you are completely finished with it. Even then it can be a bit of a disappointment if it doesn't out turn out like you anticipate!

I took a walk on the wild side today when I was shopping with the girlchild. She needed lost of girl stuff from Wal-Mart. Somebody tell me how four small bags can total over $100.00 please. At least she will be well groomed and looking gorgeous for a few more days at least. Plus there were a few things I need as well. Soap, shampoo and all that necessary stuff can be very expensive, thankfully it doesn't not need to be bought every week like a gallon of milk.

The hubs is the one that gives the kitchen the once over after dinner. He was complaining about our lack of dish towels. They had gotten to such a state of embarrassment that I was sacrificing them to the trash on a regular basis. You know that moment when you look at a wash cloth and you know it’s clean but it just looks so filthy that you refuse to use it on a clean surface. Well I replenished our kitchen towel drawer today. Now he is in his happy place after dinner.

I know how to let the moment wash over me as i tossed these brand new dish cloths in my cart today! I’m liven large y’all!


Well that's it for me this week. I had the Hubs get down all the Christmas decoration yesterday so there may be some decorating going on this week. I know there will be some cooking going on as well with the pre thanksgiving preparations. i have my grocery list made and I am off the the store either today or tomorrow.

Y’all head over to Sara’s and ink up for more P365!


Sweet Tea said...

Great photos. What a busy girl you are.
You are fortunate to have so many interests.
Love the crochet project especially!

The Cyber Hermit said...

I really like the bowl! (And everything is better with bacon :)).

sara said...

peppers must be doing well every where this year!!

love.love that bowl!!!


Love the bowl and the peppers. I love pepper jelly. Loved the crochet picture too. You are so talented.

The Bug said...

I love the bowl (and those apples - yum!). I have some of those same dish towels & I felt just as adventerous when I bought them :)

rita said...

The bowl is great, and the wobbles only prove it was uniquely thrown.
We have quite a few flawed yet functional pieces in our house, so i get those.
I love, love, the cute pottery studio!
You just reminded me that i must get out all the Christmas decorations ASAP. We are scheduled to be in our town's Christmas Tour of Homes, Dec. 2. So, i must get started NOW!

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