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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 42

Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla…..even I am tired of looking at my pictures of shawls, bread and food. It is what it is….no fun vacation, no interesting anything. I did have a brief moment of hormonal murderous rage earlier today (you can click here should you care to visit the dark side of peri-menopause) but sadly there is no photographic evidence, which is probably a good thing.

So with no further adieu or excitement here is my rather predictable and boring week, with the exception of Muffinhead! She is always the bright spot in my week!

other than that it was a big yawner………Hooo Huuummmmm!

Maybe somebody else did something interesting or photo worthy this week, I just know it wasn't me!

No pictures on Sunday, October 9 or Monday, October 10

Tuesday, October 11

I was almost tempted to keep this one. I really did go very well with the living room colors.


Wednesday, October 12

Muffinhead had a wonderful time rearranging the chairs in the family center after dinner at church. She would strain to pick them up and shuffle them over the the wall and then line them all up. Standing back and surveying her handy work she would decide  that they arrangement was not to her liking and then she would proceed to re-arrange them again and again and again. I figure she was not really bothering anyone and no one needed the chairs as dinner was over so I just let her rearrange to her hearts content, that is until daddy said it was time to leave that is!


 IMG_8025 IMG_8024

Thursday, October 13

I had been hankering for some Cinnamon Swirl Raisin bread for a while. Even if I do say so myself, this batch was exceedingly good. I made sure I took very good notes as I put together this recipe so I could recreate it. It even tasted as good as it looked!


IMG_8037 - trim

It toasted up even better.


Friday, October 14

Dinner on Friday, the hubs did not like the rice or the Brussels Sprouts, the DD did not care for the green beans so all in all this meal was not well received. It did look good however. I thought it was good but hey they did not walk away hungry.


Saturday, October 15

More bread……..sourdough this time. I think after many loaves of tribulation I finally have it figured out. This batch was soft and wonderfully tangy and the texture inside was just right. It was good!


If your still awake after all this photographic excitement you can head over to Sara’s and link up!

I think I’m still a bit hormonally charged after my encounter at church this afternoon…….I think maybe a nice glass of Pinot Griggo is in order for later…..pay no attention to the shrew at the keyboard………oh what that’s me!


Blessings or maybe y’all get out of my face…I can’t decide which…..

I really do love all of y’all……really!



skoots1mom said...

you went in a different directions on this shawl...short stripes...;)
love the muffinhead pics...too cute
your food is so pretty and i KNOW it tastes even better

Emily said...

I do NOT find your pictures of food or shawls repetitive at all! I love them.

That is a beautiful shawl. I loooove it! Did you get my email about the results of the test?

soraya3 ღ said...

looks great thanks for sharing!

sara said...

oh my that meal looks AWESOME!!! I would have liked everything on that plate!!!

I wish I could bake bread well...tips?



Love the shawl and the bread. I could almost smell it. Yummmmo!

The Bug said...

It all looks great to me - except for those tiny cabbage - yuck! :)

rita said...

Oh, Bug, I am so disappointed in your culinary tastes this time around. Those brussel sprouts are wonderful! ;)
Nothing boring about your breads, food shawls. We are envious of your gifts!

Terri Tiffany said...

I want your bread! It looks so good!! Your week is way more fun than mine. I'd have to take a picture of my computer and the TV and maybe my treadmill--oh and WalMart.

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