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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 40

I did a bit better this week as I only missed two days of pictures.

No pictures on Sunday, September 25

Monday, September 26

Last week while the DD and best friend were scouring the racks for the perfect homecoming dress I amused myself with a leisurely stroll around the mall. I was headed in he direction of Williams and Sonoma, the only real reason to go to the mall in my opinion, and I made a brief stop at a store called Teavanna. I left with a very small (teeny tiny) bag of chai. After enjoy several cups of tea I have decided that for $10.00 I think I may stick with the Tazo Chai from the Ingles and pocket the extra cash for Starbucks. It was good tea but not $10.00’s super good. This particular tea was so course that it did not work very well in my loose tea infuser so I was forced to steep it in a small measuring cup and then pour it through my small kitchen strainer. Not very fashionable but it worked all the same.


No picture on Tuesday, September 27 

Wednesday, September 28

The instruction for the meal were…””Watch Me!”

Muffinhead would pick up her spoon and load it up with yogurt or applesauce and then turn and look at me and say “Watch Me!” and then shovel the food in her mouth. Well after such a performance the only thing left to do was give her a round of applause. Needless to say I had to watch carefully as each and every spoonful of food when into the child's mount. '”Watch me! Grandma…Watch Me!” “I’m watching sweetie….I’m watching!”


Thursday, September 29

The beginning of fall just yearns for some homemade bread in the oven. It took me a day or two to get my sourdough properly fed but I think the bakeshop is back in business.


Friday, September 30

One of my friends invited me to tag along with her on Friday morning for the Joyce Meyer Conference. I told Skoots1mom about it and she met us at the arena. I had never been to one of her conferences before! It was awesome Joyce Meyer is a hoot y’all and she defiantly has a powerful message. I like her ability to be real and cut through the you know what. She is a real person and she has the ability to speak the truth, no sugar coating! I like that!

JM2  JM4

I stole this picture for skoots1mom……..

Saturday, October 1

I have been wanting some larger bread pans. I did some searching online and found some at a bakers supply website that were $15.00 a pan. When I was at the store on Saturday morning for a much needed grocery run I gave their bakeware a look-see and guess what I found. 10” X 5” size pans, just what I had been looking for and they were $4.58 a piece! I snatched up two of them and I am looking forward to making some bread in them very soon. All I have to do now is figure out how to increase the recipe so I can accommodate the larger size loaves.


Muffinhead came for the afternoon. With the hubs having been out of town for the past several weeks he had missed seeing her on Wednesday evenings for supper. I made arrangement for her to come over on Saturday afternoon so Grandpa could get a little face time with her.

It was such a wonderful day outside, we sat in the grass and she blew bubbles…….


moved lots of rocks around………


pulled a wagon load of mulch around the yard…..


and generally had a wonderful time


It was a good day y’all!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!




sara said...

oh my word, that muffinhead is too cute!!!

do you ship that bread?!!!

soraya3 ღ said...

great pictures thanks for sharing!

The Bug said...

Muffinhead is so cute in those overalls! She's a mess.

Your tea adventure reminds me that I have some tea that my nephew brought back from a school trip to Greece last year. I wonder if it's still good? I've been a bit afraid to try it - who knows what that crazy boy REALLY brought back :)


Loved the shots. Love Joyce Meyer...I saw her a few years ago and love her.

Marcia said...

Tea would be perfect just now. And Muffinhead is simply adorable.


rita said...

Muffinhead pics win!
But the three ladies are not far behind.
And the bread, oh my!

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