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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 39…comfort food and shopping

I think I have lost my P365 mojo…I can’t claim a hormonal funk but I can claim being unmotivated in certain areas of life and at times a bit obsessive in others (i.e. getting ready for my bible study to start, now that it has maybe I can get back into the swing of things and put my summer laziness behind me!!!!) . Over the last six weeks the hubs has been out of town almost every week and he left again on Saturday and will not be back until Thursday of this week. Confession, I enjoy it on occasion when the hubs is away because it lightens my load in the dinner preparation department. However having him gone consistently every week for six or more weeks and him only being home on the weekends does tend to scatter things a bit! I can only speculate when his schedule will lighted up. Being on the road/in the air each week takes it’s physical toll on the hubs and me.

I actually did more than just eat this week, but I guess little else caught my attention in the photograph department.

Monday, September 19

What do you do with stale left over French Bread. Make French Toast for dinner.


Thursday, September 22

It was one of those “It was what we had…” dinners. I lightly pan seared some cut up chicken tenders, sautéed off some onion, carrot, roasted red pepper and a minced cayenne pepper for some heat and the few remaining leftover veggies in the frig, tossed in a can of cream of chicken soup with a splash of brandy and a turn of heavy cream and then tossed in some egg noodles….it was really good y’all!


Friday, September 23

The hubs was home from a particularly difficult road trip, lots of technical difficulties on top of some rather unpleasant business associates that from time to time make his life less than fun. My prescription, I may not be able to do anything about unpleasant business associates but I can make sure there is a good meal at the end of the day. The hubs is rather partial to my homemade pinto beans with a ham bone. I served them over rice and I made a big ol batch of buttermilk biscuits. That will almost guarantee a smile on anyone's face after a long hard day!


Saturday, September 24

Here’s the question: How many teenage girls can you fit in the dressing room at the JC Penny….the world may never know (but I think they may have been going for a world record….I counted at least seven filing out of one small dressing room each laden with pounds of poufy, lacy, shinny, frilly, satiny dresses in hand)

The DD and her best gal pal spent the afternoon at the mall shopping for homecoming dresses. I can defiantly speak to the fact that along with my DD and her best friend I think possibly every other teenage girl within a hundred mile radius was also at the mall shopping for homecoming dresses.

She is happy with the dress and mom was happy that it was on sale…..yea for 40% off!

She found shoes too!


and my final question for the week…just how many rolls of saran wrap does it take to completely encase a Volkswagen beetle?

As we were leaving the mall on our way to the car we had to stop and get a picture of this VW completely wrapped in saran wrap….

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!

I’m off to hopefully regain my mojo….




sara said...

wow, I felt like I was on food network while reading your description of the noodle dinner...and a turn of heavy cream!!!!

On my 40th birthday, some friends of mine saran wrapped my car while my husband and I were in a restaurant for dinner...it was pretty funny!!!


I loved the food pictures. I am partial to pinto beans myself and those looked like I could just grab a spoonful and eat. Loved the VW picture with the saran wrap...too funny.

debi9kids said...

OMGosh! We all must have daughters the same age as yours is the 3rd blog I saw today with homecoming pics (2 of my daughters are in hs)

Your daughter looks beautiful.

Your food looks so yummy. I want to lick my screen ;)

rita said...

Lovely outfit, DD!
I'm glad I ate before perusing your post.
Sorry about the long and oft separations. Lot of alone time for you. That's my life right now too.
As I write, M is still out at the house working along with A/C guy. They have to finish this week.
You have a great week and blessings in the Bible study.

The Bug said...

I could eat those noodles right now - yum! AND the pinto beans. With french toast for dessert. Maybe not - that sort of sounds like a lot of food.

Love your daughter's dress! And of course she looks gorgeous in it :)

Emily said...

Wow, her dress is GORGEOUS! I love that color.

That's crazy about the saran wrap! I had a friend that someone did that to in college, but they were a little more cruel... The put egg and pancake batter UNDER the saran wrap, and the paint job was ruined. Sad...

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