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Friday, September 2, 2011

An Internal Dialog: An exercise in avoiding the things I don’t want to do….

Roll over and look at the alarm clock on the night stand, I slept late this morning, I’d better get up.

Wow, I have a headache!

I hate waking up with a headache.

I'll have a cup of coffee that will help.

Remember you said you were going to tackle that HUGE pile of mail today!


Coffee first then the mail, my head still hurts!

Bummer the coffee did not help my headache …maybe I’ll take some Goody’s……

Ok, OK, Ok, I’ll let you out….but first another cup of coffee.

WOW! It feels really nice out here this morning, I think I’ll sit a bit and drink my coffee.

Now it’s hot, that last about 10 minutes.

Where’s my knitting, where did I leave off last night,

You need to sit down and work on that pile of mail.


My head still hurts, I can't open mail with a headache……..what’s on television????

Oh look Star Trek Next Generation, I love that show. I’ll sit and drink my coffee for a few more minutes and add a few more rows….

My head still hurts, you forgot to take your headache med’s, get up and go take some.

Walk into the kitchen fix a glass of headache power and drink it.

Look into the sink and see the cast iron skillet left to soak from dinner last night. YUCK….

Leave the kitchen immediately to avoid thinking about that.

Maybe I’ll sit a few more minutes to see if I can get this headache to go away.

I’ll work on crochet project #2 for a while.

Why did I make this one so long, it really takes to long to do one row.

Oh look there’s Data, he’s my favorite character on Star Trek.

You really need to get out of this chair and go through that pile of mail sitting beside the computer.


Why I think my headache is gone, I love goody’s they always work….great stuff.

I think I’ll get dressed first.

OK, OK, OK I’m sitting at the computer, I’m going to open the mail.

But first maybe I’ll check my facebook.

Oh look Skoots1mom sent me a Words with Friends request, I’ll do that first.

Hmmm what this new game request she sent……….

Don’t look over there, that’s where the mail is……..


Why do we get so much mail and why do I hate opening it and sorting it so much?

Yea I finally won a game against skoots!

I’m logging off to bask in the afterglow of my win.

Look at those leftover glasses still on the coffee table, take those into the kitchen and then do the mail.

There is that nasty pan again.

I think I’ll clean that nasty pan in the sink, anything to avoid opening the mail…

OK, OK, OK, I’ll open the mail………….


OK, OK, OK….I've shredded, I’ve sorted, I’ve tossed…..now all I have to do is file it all away.

Y’all I hate the mail!

Calgon take me away!

and it’s almost time for the DD to get home from school and her job is to check the mail box……it never ends y’all!



The Bug said...

LOL - you're funny. I don't mind opening the mail - but I let the shredding stack up for months until it becomes QUITE a chore :)

skoots1mom said...

Yay...u did the mail, so proud its done
good job!

Sassy Granny ... said...

I used to get a bushel of mail too. But these days it has dwindled to a few pieces here and there, so I actually enjoy the process of sorting - - most of which goes directly into the garbage or the shred basket. But I certainly understand the underlying principle here ... I have MANY other things I procrastinate in doing (I loathe folding socks or washing my car).

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