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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 38…only three days y’all….Major Bummer!

I only managed to get a picture for three out of the seven days this week. Major Bummer…….It was a busy week for me with the unexpected trip to the vet with the dog and a few other things as well. So such as it is here is my regretfully un-photographed week.

No pictures on Sunday, September 11

Monday, September 12

One day they will design a camera that will accurately capture how impactful a night sky can be. Until that time it is a bit of a disappointment to try to capture. It was such a lovely evening that I took a stroll after supper. As I was coming up my street I had to run, well not run but I went to retrieve my camera to take a picture of the moon. I can promise as I was coming up the street it looked HUGE!

In this pictures …NOT  so much!


No pictures on Tuesday, September 13, I spent the morning putting the final preparations on my orientation meeting for That The World May Know class.

Wednesday, September 14

This is one unhappy puppy. This is now the second time we have had to have him treated for a broken nail. This time it was the opposite foot from he last time. Unfortunately it was a bit more sever this time. They had to sedate him to adequately take care of the nail. We are contemplating having them removed. The vet told me that the nails on the side of the foot are the most easily removed. There is no weight carried on those tiny side toes so it is only a matter of a small surgical procedure. All we need to do now is come up with the cash to have it done. Seeing as this is now the second time we have had to have this taken care of there is a good bet that it probably will happen again. Decision, decisions, decision……

This is a picture of Buster curled up in the floorboard of the car on the way home from the vet’s. Under normal circumstances he is sitting up front busting with energy. He was a bit unsteady on his legs after having been sedated. Poor Puppy!


Later that evening Muffinhead and family came to church for supper. Her new favorite thing to do is to play with the markers on the white board. We push a chair over to the marker board and she enjoys a few minutes scribbling and then moves on the pulling all the caps of the makers and then placing all the cap on her fingers.


Thursday, September 15

The day after having the nail repaired is always the most uncomfortable. They practically have to take it off to the very nub. Then they wrap it pretty tightly with adhesive gauze. Buster lazed about all morning long. His favorite place to be was not to far from where I was.


No pictures on Friday, September 16 or Saturday, September 17

Here's hoping for better luck next week.

If you want to visit some folks who actually did take a picture every day this week then make a visit to Sara’s and link up.





What pictures you did get were neat. I love the outdoor shot and the baby one.....such a sweet face. I wish my doxie would sit still long enough for me to photograph him. The minute I get the camera he is up and running.

The Bug said...

Poor Buster - he's probably so confused about why this is happening to him.

Muffinhead is just TOO CUTE. All pleased with herself...

sara said...

I understand about the moon picture. I feel the same way about sunsets...they never come out as magnificent as they are!!!

Poor Buster..it hurts my toe just to think about it!

rita said...

Muffinhead is too cute,
Buster is so sad, and
the moon should look bigger.
Thank you for sharing some
moments of your busy week.
We can certainly relate.
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