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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mommy Treasures

Last week when I was with Muffinhead she turned and looked at me. It was a very simple gesture but in that second it’s amazing how quickly the mind works. All the mental images I have stored in my memory banks begin to roll past. She looks so much like her dad it is startling at times. She plays like him too.

This morning I was flipping though one of my bibles and I came across this picture.

It was 1993, I remember this day. It defiantly falls under the category of a Mommy Treasure. I went outside to check on him in the back yard and he came running up from the very back of the yard and he was covered from head to toe is dirt! Y’all he had been having a high ol time!

I remember the smile on his face, how he smelled, that little boy dirty sweaty I’ve been having fun smell. He was totally oblivious to his physical state and was only filled up with how much fun he had been having.

Now fast forward to last Wednesday!

1993                                                            2011


Thank You Lord for placing another precious memory in my Mommy Treasure Chest!

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