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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 37

Well I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday. I for one spent a wonderful time in worship this morning. It was a bitter sweet moment of remembrance for where our nation was ten years ago, remembering how sad and awful that day was. I had mixed feelings of sadness as well as hope for how much things have changed over these last ten years. We all remember what we were doing ten years ago today! I am thankful that for today my activities included worshiping in peace and safety.

Click here to read my previous September 11th remembrance.

Here is my week!

Sunday, September 4

It was Communion Sunday at church. On these Sundays the prayer shawl ministry places shawls on the alter for members to take to person’s they know who are struggling with difficult life issues. At the close of the service all the shawls except one had all been claimed.


Monday, September 5

It was a good lazy Labor Day holiday. The weather was a bit uncooperative so I had to finish off my ribs in the oven and a miracle happen and the corn I purchased was actually good. It was the first really good corn we had had all summer long.


Tuesday, September 6

I finished off this prayer shawl Monday evening. By the time I had finished attaching all the fringe it was too dark to take a good picture. For as much as I love the dark bold colors there is something very tranquil about a nice soft monochromatic color scheme.


Wednesday, September 7

I finally got the last of my That The World May Know leaders guide put together. My need to be prepared and organized is fulfilled with a nice large three ring binder. Give me some dividers and a few pocket dividers and I am a happy girl. All I have to do is make a few copies and I am good to go.


No pictures on Thursday, September 8

My small group went to see The Help on Thursday evening and then had a late supper at IHOP, regretfully I did not take any pictures. 

Friday, September 9

This is my first and maybe my last attempt at this pattern. I am continuing to struggle with the difficulties of working on a knitted piece. Thankfully one of the members of the prayer shawl ministry is a knitting expert and is able to un-work any major mistakes that I may make. I can share with you that this one was moments away from being completely unraveled before she took pity on me and got me back to a place where I could begin again. Thankfully I was able to figure out my mistake and forge ahead. I continued on and as soon as I got it to a size that I thought was adequate I finished off the piece before I made another mistake.


Saturday, September 10

I spent the morning working in he backyard. It was nice and cool and very pleasant as I began to re work some of the problem areas. Here is a little before and after action.

This picture was taken on September 28, 2009……can y’all say BLANK CANVAS!!!!


Here is what the backyard looks like now. I’d call that a huge improvement. We started on the second phase of the landscaping.


We are planning to continue the bed all the way around the perimeter of the back yard. The hubs sprayed the grass in the reaming area and now all we have to do is wait for it to die so we can begin to get the ground ready for some planting.


Well that’s it for me for this week. For more 365 fun y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!



On this special day of remembrance please join me in continuing to pray for our nation.

2 Chronicles 7:14-15

14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 15 Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place.


The Bug said...

MMM - your labor day meal looks fabulous! I really am going to just show up at your house for dinner one of these days :)

I like the shawl that was so annoying to you - it's a pretty pattern. But there comes a time when the need to learn something new is outdone by the frustration of doing the new thing. And that's ok!

sara said...

I love the white prayer shawl. and i think that is so cool how you place them on the altar for people to take!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

oh my goodness... all those shawls on the altar is jus amazing!!!!

Kim said...

That was a lot of prayer shawls! :)
I'm sorry you haven't had much good corn this year -- we've been so thankful for lots of great sweet corn since it has to last us for two more years :) But I do remember years when it was hard to find the good stuff.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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