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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 32: The redefinition of O.C.D.

That would be Obsessive Crochet Disorder…..but when you use a double strand and a big fat hook size they really do come together very quickly! It’s summer, it’s REALLY HOT outside so the only option to baking in the southern heat is to sequester myself to the cool of the air-conditioning with a project on my lap and that at times gets a bit too much.

The picture taking this week was practically non existent but here are my meager offerings! Maybe it really is the lazy days of summer or maybe the heat index of 100 plus temps but the desire to do anything beyond sit by my fan has evaporated along with all the water in the nearby lakes.

No pictures on Sunday, July 31 

Monday, Aug 1

Are y’all tired of looking at picture of prayer shawls?????? It seems like that is all I have been doing lately.

Y'all remember this picture from a few weeks ago? Well this basket of mish mash has yielded three completed shawls and I have a fourth one in the works and possibly enough for even a fifth.




Tuesday, Aug 2

Tuesday’s are my mornings at Prayer Shawl Ministry. It is a wonderful time of fellowship, sharing, prayer and just plain FUN! We sit and chat and work on our projects. In a few days I will switch back to the Wednesday evening sessions when Wednesday Night Suppers start again. Today I think will be my last Tuesday morning, I think????

Can I just say that “I hate the camera on my phone!!!!!” It is the worst, but it was all I had with me at the time.

We have a rather large number of members at our church who call the Islands their home. This lovely woman is one of my favorite people on the planet. Her Jamaican accent just embraces you and is as warm and comforting as her hugs. When I placed my latest offering on the pile she popped up and went over and retrieve this on off the pile and claimed it for her very own. We all smiled, she had shared with us later that it was her anniversary, her beloved husband has been celebrating with Jesus for many years now but from time to time you will see in her eyes just how much she misses her soul mate. She sat and crochet with this shawl around her shoulders. No one begrudged her this small comfort. If it made her miss her beloved a little bit less then it served it’s purpose!

zena 1

Wednesday, Aug 3

Yea for me! Mammogram day! Done for another year! I will say that this time was not so bad, or maybe the parameters have changed. The Radiology tech was very gentle and as mamo’s go this one was quick and the tech didn’t try to flatten the girls to within an inch of their lives!


No pictures on Thursday, Aug 4 

It was registration day for the DD High School today! Having a camera bouncing around my neck as I maneuvered in the multitude of sweating humanity was the last thing I wanted to do. Needless to say we trekked up and down countless flights of stairs, traced her schedule, and I got to ride on a sweltering HOT school bus for the first time since possibly 1978….what fun. It was so hot inside the school that my FEET were sweating, so much so that by the end of registration my totally broken in flip flops had worn a blister on the top of my foot.

Friday, Aug 5

Mish Mash Shawl #3….not to bad for a pile of left over bits of yarn……..

I tried a different stitch, it was called a star stitch.


Saturday, Aug 6

No pictures today, we went shopping for school supplies, along with every other person in North Georgia. We were able to get the DD SOME of the necessary items she needs. I will have to make an additional trip for 3 ring binders. I also finished up the fourth Mish Mash shawl last night. I think there will be more than enough for a fifth shawl out of all the remaining leftovers scraps.

Well that’s it for me this week. For more 365 fun y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!




Pamela said...

Oh {tears} thank you for sharing your prayer shawl story. 24 years ago today I lost my Sarah. I got a message from a fairly new friend -- I didn't think she even knew the date. I felt like someone wrapped a prayer shawl around me. This urges me to make a few more prayer shawls. I like how warm and tweedy they are with the double yarn. I want to try that.

I hope your Sunday is full of joy,

sara said...

I loved that prayer shawl story..so sweet! How blessed you are to get to spend time with sweet friends like that!

back to school shopping...I keep putting it off thinking maybe I won't have to do it.

The Bug said...

I got anointed with oil at church today but I didn't get a shawl. I was kind of sad - but maybe a hip surgery doesn't qualify :)

Yours are just gorgeous - especially love the last one.

Rebecca Jo said...

I never get enough of the prayer shawls :)

Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

Your work is beautiful!

I have some friends that crochet bandages for people who live with leprosy. They use the tiniest hooks I've ever seen. We spend a lot of time up at the state capitol in meetings and they are constantly working on their bandages. I remember thinking how beautiful these bandages are, and how that seems so strange.

I think it's wonderful that you have such a passion to put your talent to use for this great cause!

God bless you!

RaD said...

It's always fun to see what you've cranked out during the week. And what a beautiful story you shared.

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