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Monday, August 29, 2011

Bunny Watch 2011 Part Two: The Saga Continues

I am sad/happy and a bit frustrated to report that the bunnies are doing well.

The day after my second discovery I was a bit uncertain about the baby bunnies future. There was little I could do to repair the damage the dog did to their cozy little nest. Fortunately during the night momma returned and quickly set about to restore some order to the chaos left by my inquisitive dog.

Once again we are on constant guard duty whenever the dog is in the back yard, which I am finding a bit more cumbersome than the last time. The bloom is defiantly off the rose where my protective instincts are concerned. However in the grand scheme of things I am hopeful that they will move on to parts unknown very soon. The last go round they were gone with in a few weeks. So we area about at the half way point. I can see the finish line and am looking forward to being able to give the dog free reign in his own backyard very soon!

I returned inside after my morning visit to their nest with assurance they the babies were in fact thriving. I tried with no success to get a picture of them, they appeared to be healthy and much more active than the last litter. Almost immediately upon my attempting to removes some of their cover they began to skitter around in the nest and one nearly bolted out.

After my last traumatic encounter with one bolting from the nest I quickly backed away and left well enough alone.

I am continuing to do further research on how to deter bunnies from nesting in my yard. I am also weighing the wisdom of planting a fall crop of lettuce and spinach.

To plant or not to plant that is the question………



1 comment:

The Bug said...

I read somewhere about planting marigolds around the perimeter of the garden - the person said that it kept the bunnies out of her garden.

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