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Monday, August 22, 2011

An internal dialogue: How to Loose an Argument with Yourself! Bunny Watch 2011: The Saga Continues

Myself: What is the dog doing?

Me: Get out of my flowerbed….bad dog!

Myself: You don’t care what the dog is doing just go inside and mind your own business…..

Me: Oh no, Mrs. Bunny has decided to birth her second or hundredth litter of bunnies in my flowerbed.

Myself: Now remember you said that if Mrs. Bunny came again you were going to let nature take it’s course….

Me: Oh No Buster is now using a newborn bunny as a chew toy!

Myself: Maybe Mrs. Bunny will learn a lesson and move on to someone else's back yard!

Me: Look at it’s tiny terrified little baby bunny legs flailing around in a panic.

Baby Bunny: Help Me! Mommy! There is a ferocious Hound from Hell tossing me up in the air like a chew toy!

Myself: Seriously, I have not even had my first cup of coffee and now I have to go chase down the dog in the back yard in hopes that he has not killed another bunny!

Me: Oh no…….here we go again.

Buster: Kill the Wabbit….Kill the Wabbit…..Kill the Wabbit!

Myself: Remember you are going to let nature take it’s course…..

Me: But it’s just laying out in the grass, it’s little legs struggling against the elements. Its little head weakly and pathetically poking up out of the grass.

Baby Bunny: Help! Help ME! Where’s my mommy! Where are my brothers and sisters, why is it so bright and what is that huge ball of scorching heat blasting down upon my naked newborn body? The Hound from Hell could come back at any moment! Maybe some kind compassionate gray haired old lady will take pity on me and rescue me!

Myself: Remember you were going to let nature take it’s course.

Me: OK, OK, OK, I’ll go check on it! I have to at least go see if it is dead!

Myself: Just leave it in the back yard and maybe it will just die!

Me: Oh look at it all tiny and new! Now be gentle as you pick it up. It looks ok, maybe it will be ok!

Myself: What are you doing?

Me: Be gentle as you put it back in the dug up nest, oh no there is another one that the dog did not have time to drag out of the nest.

Baby Bunny #2: Help! Help! Mommy where are you! Mommy save me! A Hound from Hell laid waist to my warm safe burrow and has stolen my bother away. But wait…..what’s that? Do I see a kind benevolent gray headed old woman standing over me.

Me: Well the least I can do is put the traumatized little thing back with it’s sibling?

Myself: THE LEAST YOU CAN DO…am I hearing you correctly! Please let’s get real for a minute. Remember what a pain it was last time! I give up! You were going to let nature take it’s course. You were going to allow the natural course of time take care of Mrs. Bunny’s poor choice in nesting areas. But nooooooooooooooooooo are you listen to me!

Several hours later………..

Myself: Maybe they will be dead when I check on them. Let’s hope they are dead!

Me: Ahhh look they are all snuggled up together.

Myself: DRAT!

Me: Oh no! Look the hot sun is bearing right down on them.

Myself: Just leave them alone, stupid bunnies, they are getting what they deserve!

ME: The least you can do is give them a bit of shade.

Myself: Don’t you cover them up!

Me: Why this big flat broad leaf will be just the ticket.

Myself: Stupid bunny and even stupider woman!

ME: Here we go again!

So that’s how you loose an argument with yourself!

I in all honesty the dog did a really bad number on the nest before I noticed what he was doing. I am not sure what will happen tonight when mommy returns to find her nice little nest dug all to hell.

I have always heard that bunnies are quite prolific in their reproductive habits'. If this is the same Mrs. Bunny then she is not wasting any time! I mean seriously it only been about 70 days since she dropped her last litter in my back yard. Can bunnies crank out a batch that soon???????

So it begins again.

Bunny Watch 2001 ~ Part Two the Saga Continues………..


The Bug said...

LOLOL - there is NO WAY I could let nature take its course. I'd not be able to sleep at night :)

soraya3 ღ said...

good evening robin... its a good one..loves soraya

Emily said...

Oh MY! That was wonderful! :)

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