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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Project 364 ~ Week 33: More Prayer Shawls, Gorgeousness, Procedures and a Prayer Request!

By now I am sure that most of you think all I do all day long is sit and crochet…..I have been cranking them out over the course of the last few weeks, I will admit to that! I find a certain sense of peace in reparative processes. The nature of doing the same thing and getting the same results only different appeals to me. I will also confess I do enjoy standing back and looking at the finished product.

Fortunately or regretfully, I have finished up with all the Mish Mash yarn for the time being. The final total was five shawls. There are still a few random balls of yarn left over but not nearly enough for a sixth piece. The remnants will have to wait for the next batch of leftovers to come my way!

I am posting early this week because I feel certain that I will be otherwise occupied on Sunday with ….shall we say ….preparations…butt more on that later…..

Well enough of that…let’s get to my week!

Sunday, August 7

If the DD continues to get more and more beautiful I think the Hubs may begin to consider shipping her off to the nearest convent until she reaches the age of 40! You should have seen the look on his face when she walked out all dressed and ready for church on Sunday! Can y’all say SUPER MODEL!

I can categorically state that I NEVER looked this good when I was 16….but then Mom’s are a bit partial I think…but she is flat spilling over with gorgeousness! The boys are beginning to take notice I am afraid!


Mish Mash #4 finished…..



Monday, August 8

The first day of school…more gorgeousness…and at 6:15 A.M……nobody should look this good that early in the morning!


Tuesday, August 9

Mish Mash #5

I was telling Skoots1mom and all my other gal pals at Prayer Shawl that over the course of the last few weeks I have noticed a pattern developing. As the Mish Mash began to whittle down I noticed that all the remaining colors we all of the pastel persuasion. It seems that my eye is drawn to the deeper jewel tones and all the other powerful colors first. Not that this soft pastel shawl is not nice but I think I like the darker richer colors the best!


My neighbors are Jehovah Witnesses, from time to time they drop over and leave some of their information with us. Aside for being Jehovah Witness they are very sweet folks. They are a retired couple and we keep smiling and waving and praying for them.

Will Humans Ruin the Earth? Hmmmmm…..Well I just take her tract and smile and wish her a nice afternoon!


One of the newest additions at out church is this very small rose garden. It is out in the parking lot of the church. As I was passing it by the other day on my way home from Prayer Shawl I just had to hop out of the car and snap off a few pictures.



Wednesday, August 10

What a sweet popsicle eating surprise I had on Wednesday evening!


Thursday, August 11

Spinach & Ricotta Stuffed Tortellini…and the DD did all the cooking!


No pictures on Friday, August 12

Saturday, August 13

Well I am ready for tomorrow! I have my clear liquids, my lifesavers and my lovely gallon jug of you know what!

My week of remembering went rather well! I managed to remember all the things I am not supposed to eat or take. For those of you who have had colonoscopies before you will know the drill. Tomorrow all I can have are clear liquids. They did say I could have Jell-O but then they also said I can not not have anything that was colored red or purple. Soooooooo, seeing as I would rather go hungry that eat lime Jell-O and since my favorite raspberry and cherry Jell-O are out well its’ ginger ale for me, Lipton's green tea and chicken broth!


Well tomorrow (Monday @ 8:15) should be interesting. Having never had a colonoscopy I venture into unexplored territory along with my gastroenterologist!

Y’all just prayer for good result and that all will go well!

Well that’s it for me this week.

Needless to day I will be otherwise involved with unmentionable bodily functions on Sunday so I will catch up with all of you post procedure……..

Don’t forget to head over to Sara’s and link up for more 365 fun!



Please pray for good results, for peace, comfort and blissfully sleeping through things that one should never be away for!


The Cyber Hermit said...

Yes, it is *totally* not fair that she looks that good at 6:15! Such a beautiful young lady :).

And, oh, I remember the prep for my colonoscopy. Good times :P

sara said...

DD is gorgeous!!!

and I think I tend to like the richer, deeper colors too. But the pastel one is beautiful!

ugh...i have to have one of those this fall....I am dreading it. I don't "drink" things well...just give me a pill please!


I like the deeper colors best. I love the pictures of your daughter. She is knockdown gorgeous. The food looked yummy...but my favorite pictures were the flowers. I remember my colonoscopy prep too...not good. Nice thing is you don't remember a thing.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Oh, so sorry. :( I'm with Sara. If someone TELLS me to drink it, my throat just closes up and I start to heaving. I will pray for you.

Beautiful daughter.

Love the roses! You just hopped out and snapped off a few pictures?? Pretty amazing for such a spur of the moment endeavor! Great job!! (As usual.)

rita said...

Love the mish-mash shawls.
I think you will need one this week.
Ughh! I'm due to have one of those unpleasant procedures later this month.
Hope all goes well.

Rebecca Jo said...

Having a colonoscopy before, I just tasted that powder in my mouth... hope you got it all down & everything goes smoothly!

My goodness, DD is STUNNING!!!!

Those roses are beautiful!

The Bug said...

Yep, your daughter is gorgeous - you guys are so in trouble :)

Hope your procedure went well today. Thank you SO MUCH for your gift - I love it!

Mimi said...

What a beautiful girl! Even first thing in the morning??

I hope your procedure went well. They're always good for a few laughs I guess, lol!

Hugs & love,

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