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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 27…It’s about Missions, Prayer Shawl’s and a Bargain

I only missed one day this week! So let’s get at it!

Sunday, June 26

It was Commissioning Day. They gathered the Costa Rica Team at the alter and we all prayed over them in preparation for their trip!



Monday, June 27

I don’t shop very often but I do have my moments. I was at the Hobby Lobby last week and I came upon these black decorative wall hangers in the shape of roosters. I have been looking for a solution to the problem of having a our purses continually hanging on the back of the bar stools in the kitchen. Plus they were on clearance for .80 cent’s a piece! The hubs installed them for me and now both the DD and I have a place to hang our purses.

IMG_7296 IMG_7295

Tuesday, June 28

I have been feeling a bit bored with my favorite homespun lately. I went and retrieved my pattern book and set out to learn a few new stitches and broaden my horizons a bit. I was doing very well until I embarked upon the square in the top of the frame with the alternating scallop. Click here for more on my crochet malfunction of the week.


I eventually did figure it out.

Wednesday, June 29

The Costa Rica Team met at the church on Wednesday evening for the packing party. This is only half of the team’s luggage.


No pictures on Thursday, June 30

Friday, July 1

The garden is doing very well, or better than last year which is a plus! The corn will be ready in a few days, the tomatoes are actually producing tomatoes and my Purple Cone Flower is about to have lot’s of flowers on it!


I have been working on and off through the week and I am almost finished with this prayer shawl. I have never done a pieced together project. It was a defiantly departure from my normal project. Count’em…eight new stitches under my belt!


Saturday, July 2

The DD got up at 4:30 AM to give herself plenty of time to get her hair flat ironed and her collective teenage self together. She was making one last connection with her beloved FB before totally unplugging for entire whole week. No cell phone, no facebook, no iTunes, NO TEXTING…


Well it was a bit more time consuming to sew the squares together but it is finished and i will be turning this one in on Tuesday! The Lesson I learned was precision. If one of the squares was off by a stitch or two it may not have seemed like a big deal until you got hem all edged and then tried to line them up and sew them together. Sort of like a ship that is off course by only a few degrees but then with each passing mile they get further and further off course. I think one of the squares may be stitched in sideways and one may be in backwards but was I going to pull out my handwork once I had them all sewn together…that would be a BIG NO! It was also a bit lopsided and it took me a few course correction to get it to square up but I think it turned out not to bad and it’s almost square and straight…ALMOST!


Well that’s it for me this week. For more 365 fun y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!

Blessings and please continue to pray for the DD and all remember of the team as they spend their week in the mission field in Costa Rica!



semperfi said...

Love the prayer shawl. I will pray for the Costa Rica team. Have a great week

skoots1mom said...

such pretty work, flowers, eager to see your corn ;)

The Bug said...

Your garden looks great! Love that DD had to get up early to fix her hair - did she take the flat iron with her? :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Love how your squares all came together!! SO lovely!!!

I am in love with those roosters! Very smart!! I need a "purse holder" myself. I hate to put it on a table or counter because I hate to think where the bottom of my purse has been... ewww...


I adored the rooster purse holder idea. I will have to start scouting for that myself. The prayer shawl was gorgeous. You are so very talented. I will lift up the Costa Rica team in my prayers this week.

rita said...

Great sampler shawl!
I'm gathering ideas for the rebuilt house. I like the purse hangers.
Very productive garden!
DD in CR, yeah!!!

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