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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It was just like being in hell y’all!

So I get up this morning and have my coffee. Now the coffee was good which was odd seeing as just about everything else that happen today was CRAP!

I had a conversation with skoots1mom yesterday about the tedious accounting tasks that needed to be finished. I had multiple bills that we on deck to be paid, a paycheck to be entered into quicken and the monthly bank statement needed reconciling. If I managed to get it all done then I would be at prayer shawl in the morning. Well I managed to get most of it done the night before but my energy level as well as my mental capacity for logical thought left me by about 8:30 so I opted to forgo any further tasks that required columns of numbers and the ability to think clearly until morning.

With a cup of coffee under my belt I began to check off the bank statement tick mark by tick mark. The numbers however were not in a good place. Twice I went over the statement and twice there was a massive error to the tune of several thousands of dollars. This was the first clue that the day was not heading in the right direction.

After about two hours of rechecking I finally found my error. Note to self: It really helps if you actually enter the correct numbers in the quicken fields before you begin to reconcile the statement. First crisis averted.

I head to the church for prayer shawl and then it’s off to get the yearly mammogram.

On the way to the doctors office I get a call from the DD with a critical question about a life or death decision about a new book bag for her upcoming school year.

“I’m a little busy right now, can we talk about this when I get home?”

Well I get to the imagining center and the nurse wants to see my doctors orders. “My insurance company said I did not need any orders of referrals” I explained.

I had specifically called the insurance company to make sure that I had all my ducks in the row before heading to the appointment. They assured me that I did not need a referral from my physician.

“Ma’m, a referral is not the same thing as Doctor’s orders.” I am breathing in and out and trying not to reach over the desk and kindly whack her on the top of her head. Cause you know the machine will still work properly and you know the boobs will still get smashed adequately without a slip of paper, but she just looks at me with her sweet smile.

We have a problem no don’t we!

Sooooooooo I call my doctors office. I almost hang up but they finally answer after about 20 rings. I get transferred to the scheduling department which of course I get their answering machine. I leave a detailed message that I need to have some doctors orders faxed over to the imaging center an hang up. Was I willing to spend the rest of the afternoon on the off hand chance that the doctors office would respond in a timely fashion, that would be a BIG NO!

So I cancel my appointment and head home. Get home make a call and reschedule my appointment. Because I know if I don’t do it right now I will forget and it just won't get done! I remember fondly the days when I had a brain in my head that actually remember things and was organized….

However, there is still the pending disaster of the possibility of starting the school year off with a book bag and I quote “I don’t like that one any more” end quote. Well now I totally understand. She doesn't like it any more. It no longer matters that we paid big bucks for the really expensive book bag with the expressed purpose of longevity in mind. Seems to me I recall having a conversation with her about making sure she really liked it because she was going to be using it for a very long time.

But now, she doesn't LIKE it any more! How sad!

Well given my current mental state I asked as kindly as I could that she refrain from pushing this topic of conversation until I was in a better frame of mind. Funny thing about having a major book bag crisis it seems to take precedence over the really crappy day I was having. I mean I only lost several thousand dollar out of my checking account, a wasted trip to the doctor office, rescheduling my appointment and now I had burned the plate of nacho’s that I was going to have for lunch.

But noooooooo!

After several minutes of attitude, entitlement statements such as  “You never let me do anything!” or my favorite “You always say that!” or the ever popular “You always get what you want and I never get what I want!”

Hmmm, seems all I did this summer was write checks so she could go off and have fun with her friends plus fork over the necessary spending money to accompany the choir tour, Costa Rica trip and campmeeting, but she never gets to do anything she wants….ever!

Why yes she did!

Let’s just say that it is a good thing she stomped off to her room and is now pouting behind closed doors.

Oh and did I mention the the hubs is out of town all week and I am trapped in the house with a teenager all by myself!

So I pick up the cell phone to call a friend and whine only to get the message that the battery is about to go dead and the blue tooth is also not connecting. I look down and there is a voice mail. I listen to the message and it’s from the doctor’s office telling me that the orderes I needed about 45 minute ago are now begin faxed over to the imagining center. Yea for me!

Thank you Jesus for the large bottle of Pinot Grigio in the frig and the huge basket of yard I brought home from prayer shawl.

I’m prescribing some chilled wine for my whining and a dose of distraction from a big basket of yarn.

Y’all HELP ME!



skoots1mom said...

whew, girl...you deserve 2 glasses of wine, for sure.
i hate it when things go astray with doctors' offices...they should have offered to call the doctor and have them fax the orders to save you the trbl, but what am i thinking...that would be SERVICE.
hope tomorrow's better ;)

DidiLyn said...

Wow, what a day! Here's a clink of the glass to you you, friend. That doctor's office mix-up would be BAD. So sorry. :-(

The Bug said...

I'm sorry you had such a lousy day! I have totally done that Quicken thing before. In fact I do it often enough that that's the first thing I check now when I have an error.

Can I have the inferior book bag? Just kidding - I do NOT need another bag in my life :)

lailani said...

Cheers to some hope peace and quiet after the nice glass of wine and some time doing something you enjoy!

Teenagers! ugh, whatevvver ;) hehe

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