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Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Fav Five

The DD had a sleepover last night so she and her gal pal are still sound asleep so I have a few uninterrupted moments, this can also be included in my list of favorite things this week. Watching the DD have fun with a friend and having a moment to myself!

So here is my collection of favorite thing for the week!

1. Just now (9:45 Friday morning) as I sat down at the computer desk I got my daily glimpse of the humming birds that visit the Cana Lilies just outside the sunroom window. I never tire of watching them lightly hover in and dip their tiny beak's into the long red flowers for a snack!

2. It is really hot outside these days, however if you manage to make it outside before 9:30 A.M. you can get in a few moments in the cool of the morning. I was sitting outside yesterday for my morning Bunny Guard Duty as the dog had his morning romp. It was wonderfully cool, my coffee was hot and my garden was buzzing with bee’s, butterflies, birdies and baby bunnies sleeping safely undercover. It was a good quiet morning!

3. Tuesday our Prayer Shawl Ministry has taken up meeting during the day for the summer. In an effort to try to change things up a bit I had decided to veer from my standard homespun and stretch the old brain cells a bit. I wanted to learn a few new stitches. After banging my head against the pattern book for an evening and crocheting and then pulling out more times than I can count I plopped myself down in the chair next to one of my fellow PSM gal pals and rested my proverbial head against her shoulder and begged for help. She sat side by side with me for nearly the whole meeting working out the kinks in my brain where this new stitch was concerned. Now not having a working brain, no that is not one of my favorite things, however having a friend with a working brain…well you can’t beat that in my book.


After several consultations and several do-over's I finally got it figured out! See the square in the very top of the frame with the alternating open scallops….let’s just say this one will defiantly fall under the category of “Swear Shawl” for sure!

4. I made a big pot of Spaghetti Primavera for supper on Tuesday. I just love fixing a big ol pot of sauce and then tossing in a ton of fresh veggies. I sauté carrots, celery, onion, green peppers, zucchini, mushrooms….it was really good and the zucchini and green peppers came right from the garden!

5.Wednesday evening the DD had to go up to church for a packing party. She leaves for Costa Rica on Saturday morning. The had to get all their supplies packed and all the suitcase weighed and ready to take to the airport. They are carrying over 130 prayer shawls, there have been some very busy crocheting women over that last few months I can tell you that for sure. They are taking over 150 Spanish bibles and 130 Spanish children's bibles as well as VBS supplies. The list of the things they are taking is massive. But they managed to get it all packed and all the bag’s weighed in and came in at 50 pounds or less.

After they zipped up the last suitcase they all headed in to the Youth Worship space. I think there is nothing better than looking up and seeing my DD walk up to one of my oldest and dearest friends and watching her receive the anointing oil and then a blessing. Watching my friend, who just happens to be the Minister of Congregational Care for our church, place her hands on my daughters shoulders, anoint her forehead, and then they both bowed there heads together and she prayed over my daughter. Words fail y’all!

For more Friday Fav Five y’all head over to Susanne’s and link up for more Fav Five Fun!




Emily said...

I miss sleepovers...

What is a prayer shawl? They look very pretty!

I'm going to be praying for your DD's trip!!! :)

Have a great weekend, dear!

Cathie said...

Isn't it nice that summer brings us flowers, birds and other beauty to make up for the heat?

Your crochet work is beautiful! And blessings to your daughter and her group for their ministry to others. God bless you this week!

Willow said...

I'm fascinated with the prayer shawl ministry! I'm a spinner and knitter-
Your morning coffee on the deck sounds like the best part of the day!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

It may be a "swear shawl" but it is amazing! That's a gorgeous pattern! I'm glad you finally got it to work for you.

I hope your daughter arrived safely in Costa Rica and is enjoying her mission.

I'm sorry to be so late stopping by, but I'm glad I made it!

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

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