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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Project 365 – Week 9

Hey there y’all.

I’m a bit lat today but here is my contribution to this weeks 365.

If y’all want to see more go over and give Sara a visit for more 365 participants.


Sunday, February 21

I observed the Sabbath and did not take any pictures. The most strenuous thing I did after returning home from church was exerting the energy to turn the pages of my book.

Monday, February 22

The DD was not in the mood to help me with 365 as the some 15 odd photo’s of the inside of her palm that just got deleted from my computer will attest to.


Tuesday, February 23

The need for toilet paper and coffee made it necessary to make a trip to the grocery store. I was very eco friendly as I remembered to take my re-usable shopping bags into the store. I usually leave them in the back seat of my car.


As well as the grocery store I made a trip to the H Mart for produce.


My refrigerator is absolutely bulging with fresh lettuce, green peppers, cucumbers, apples, limes, lemons, eggplant, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, kale, fresh spinach, onions, potatoes, carrots, fresh herbs, two nice filet’s of Mahi Mahi….oh and they had buy one get one free pasta at the grocery store, and I used coupons and saved almost an additional $20.00 off my grocery bill.


Because I had been so eco friendly and used my re-usable shopping bags and because I had to make a special trip out in the first place to buy toilet paper and because I was a super shopper and saved a boat load on groceries (well a boat load for me since I am just learning how to use coupons) I felt it necessary to stop and get an iced coffee and a chicken sandwich from McDonalds on my way home. The nearest Chick-Fil-A is way to far away so this is a passable substitute.


Wednesday, February 24

After dinner at church I head upstairs to our newly renovated prayer space called the “Upper Room” for our monthly prayer and healing service.


Thursday, February 25

I am peacefully taking a break drinking a second cup of coffee when I hear a high pitched bark. This high pitched bark is Buster’s way of letting me know that he has grown bored with the back yard and has decided that it is time to come inside for his allotted time on the sofa sleeping. I get up and go the the kitchen door and he is sitting there looking like this!

Coming in the house….I don’t think sooooooooooo! What is it about dogs and rolling in the grass anyway???????


Friday, February 26

It’s time for a vocabulary lesson. Mis en Plas or Mise En Place. I learned this one a few weeks ago while I was watching a Food Network show called Worst Cooks in America, fun show by the way.

It means “everything in place” so here is my mis en plas for my Friday evening dinner. My second vegetarian offering for the week.


Penne Pasta with sun dried tomato pesto (homemade by my own little self if you please!!!)  with spinach and mushrooms. It was good y’all!


Saturday, February 27

I went all day long without a moment that compelled me to pick up my camera. As I was heading to bed Saturday evening I looked out side and I thought that the house next door had installed some new flood light or something. There was an extremely bright light washing over my back yard. I stepped outside and look up and there was the most beautiful full moon. It’s light shone (is that right Lid???) so brightly that you could have read a book.

This picture does not do it justice. It was just beautiful!!!!!

But I grabbed my cameras a snapped off a few shots!!!


Well that’s it for me this week!


Happy 365 y’all!





Tori said...

All of your groceries and food look yummy! What all will you be making?

sara said...

that is a lot of grocery shopping when you just needed toilet paper and coffee! ha!

that pasta looks wonderful!!!!

Elizabeth said...

that pasta looks so delicious!

The Bug said...

Now where do you live & when will you be making that pasta again? That looked fabulous. And judging by the groceries you bought there will be even more fabulosity at your house!

Darla said...

that pasta looks amazing...looks like you are stocked up well with groceries now too.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Yum! That pasta dish looks SO good!
What a beautiful moon we have! Love it when it's full and glowing like that.
Great week!

sanjeet said...

a lot of grocery shopping when you just needed toilet paper and coffee!
rihanna video

rita said...

That food looks wonderful!
I went shopping today too, but didn't find all those wonderful things. My cold is so bad, I just wanted to get home.
I write notes on my palm ;)

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