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Thursday, February 4, 2010

A New Look and a Morning Off!

Do y’all have days off?

When I went to a paying job I used to love my days off from work.

Now that I am no longer a member of the working for a paycheck crowd I find myself back in that familiar boat of feeling like I always have to be productive on the home front.

Realistically there is always laundry that needs to be done or  bills that need to be paid. There is always something that needs to be clean, but sadly my husband married the wrong woman where house cleaning is concerned. I’d rather balance my checkbook and I really hate doing that!

But do you ever just take the morning off?

I guess in the stage of my life right now I can take a morning of without the world coming crashing down around my feet.

As I was leaving the church last night after a wonderful prayer shawl ministry meeting Skoots1mom and I rode down in the elevator with one of our younger members. She was accompanied by her husband and two very adorable and very small children. Mom was holding the infant in her arms and as the doors of the elevator opened this precious little angel promptly spit up all down the front of his cloth and mom’s cloth and then landed on her feet and she was wearing an open toed sandal at the time. As I walk out of the elevator I glanced down at her feet as the you-know-what went oozing down between her toes. I casually leaned over to skoots and said “Thank You Jesus we are not there any more!” as I quickly walked to my car.

I think back to my days in the baby trenches and I remember them with fondness but I can defiantly say I am glad that I am on the back side of those experiences.

So to all of you who are up to your ears in spit up, runny noses, diapers and sleepless nights take heart it is over all to quickly. The next day you find you are eagerly awaiting the a visit with your grandbaby so far she has managed not to spit up on my toes , or suddenly you are in a death match with your teenage daughter over the flat iron and you can never find your good tweezers. They move from picking there nose to plucking their eyebrows and shaving their legs in less than a blink of an eye or eyebrow in this case.

But so far this morning the most industrious thing I have done is revamp my bog template, ate a bowl of honey nut cheerio's and nuked a second cup of coffee and you know what?

It was good not doing anything and the word did not come to and end.

Take the morning off (if you can), I highly recommend it!

Even Jesus took some time off every now and again!

MK 6:31 Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, "Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest."




PS: Y’all go over and give Nel a visit at Fastenau Facts. She will be the next leg in the I won…You Win Giveaway! Congratulation Nel. I can’t wait to see where those wooden shoes will go next!


Terri Tiffany said...

I'm like you. Now and then I just need a morning off--or a full day!lol but soon hopefully I will be starting back to work and I will miss those moments.
I like your blog look!

Nel said...

Oh they do grow up so fast! I am like you, sometimes when I see a child misbehaving and mom is having a hard time controlling, I think gosh I am glad I am pass that stage. I also enjoy the grandbaby...and she doesn't do anything wrong. lol. (Spoken like a true grandma!) By the way I love the pic at the top of your blog, also your blog look. Did you take the picture? And thanks for the Congratulations. Can't wait to receive the book and get it started on its next journey.

until next time... nel

skoots1mom said...

like your NEW look...
you went back to two columns.

I got up late this morning b/c I had headaches last night and didn't sleep...we can workout tomorrow :)

Love your picture at the title...what a gorgeous place, is it close by?? :)

Nel said...

You need to stop over and pick up your award at my blog. Thanks!

until next time... nel

Ruthie said...

We all need a day off - even my PT said I should take a day off from my exercises. Nice to see you on FB. :)

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