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Thursday, June 25, 2009

When was the last time?????

Regretfully I was doing laundry yesterday afternoon, now this is not an unusual happening as my family insists on wearing clean clothing on a regular basis, however as I was folding cloths these tiny yellow and pink one-sies were poking out of my laundry pile.

I thought to myself that it had been nearly 14 and a years since I had tiny little baby cloths tumbling around in my dryer. I had purchased these at my last trip to Goodwill to have on hand for her next visit, as the DS is not the most efficient when it come to packing a diaper bag.

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As I was folding her tiny little cloths I found myself wondering what she was doing at that very moment, was she sleeping, getting fed, screaming her precious little head off, filling her diaper...

Look at these tiny little hands y'all!

Sleeping like an angel!

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Just showing of again! My granddaughter that is, not my folded laundry.

However the fact that I actually folded the laundry is a post worthy event as doing laundry and especially folding it is one of my lest favorite household task.

I now have photographic evidence that I have in fact actually folded laundry at lest once in June of 2009! I am waiting for my cash prize to show up any day now!!!

Robin A.K.A Growing into Grannyhood


Sarah said...

I wish we got prizes for folding laundry or sewing buttons or ironing.

And she is too cute.

Terri Tiffany said...

You take marvelous pictures and you can show off anytime you want to!!

Granny on the Web said...

Sooooo adorable, so Oh my! These early years fly all too quickly, you show off all you like. I have 10 and the youngest is now 7... I keep hinting about any more coming, but no sign yet. Must be content to view other peoples Grannybabes now.
Love Granny

Patrice said...

You need to show off that beautiful baby more!! For the laundry, it's for the birds! I would love to go back to the day of little cute baby clothes, now it stinkie teenage stuff, yuck!

Becky said...

Um I did not actually SEE any folded laundry in your shared shots LOL

Your grandbaby is absolutely beautiful. What a joy! Oh those tiny clothes... not so long ago for me ;-)

Playwright Chick said...

I can almost smell her lovely baby smell from the photos! Pretty in pink and perfectly lovable! Oh, the hugs you'll be in for!

a portland granny said...

Oh how fun!! I always kept clothes here when the grandies were young. They each had a drawer with size appropriate clothing in it--now that they are 14 and 15, I no longer pick out things they life...so the drawers are empty....alas.

She is really a little dolly. I know you are enjoying her. There is nothing like a new baby!! I know, I luved on one this week for about an hour!!

Have fun with her! (I'm with you on the laundry and folding stuff!!)

Kim said...

She's precious!

My most unfavorite chore is ironing. I'd rather clean toilets and have root canals.

I like folding clothes, though. I enjoy seeing stacks of uniformly folded items. Color me weird.

Mocha with Linda said...

She is adorable. Forget the laundry and love on that grandbaby!!

2Thinks said...

A beautiful baby and wonderfully folded laundry. Yes, you do deserve a prize.

Diana said...

Precious little one.

godlover said...

Hi, Robin,
I'm trolling tonight and thought I'd visit. Your granddaughter is beautiful and, yes, the hands are amazing as are the feet, and nose, and eyelashes. All pink and perfect. I would love to have another little girl around me. The last little girl I helped raise, Jamie, is now all grown up. In fact I got her wedding invitation yesterday. She and Ofir will be getting married Aug 9th. There's will be a Jewish wedding as Ofir is Jewish. It will be a wonderful wedding. I keep thinking that that may mean great-grandbabies in the future. But not the near future. Jamie wants to be out of nursing school and working before she even thinks about having children. So it's another 2 or 3 years down the road. I really need something to hold and cuddle. I'm sad tonight because I have to have my dog put down next week and it's going to break my heart to do it. But it has to be done. I think I'll see if it's cool enough yet in the bedroom to head to bed. We've been fighting temps of 113 & 110 the past few days. Our evaporative cooler helps some but not much. I have the window intake fans on high so if it cools down at all outside I'll be the first to know it. It blows right across me. Last I looked though we were still up in the 80s and here it is nearing midnight. How is your daughter doing now?

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