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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Fav Five #41

Friday Fav Five #41

#5. Getting Back to NORMAL

Well it has been almost one month since the DD Spinal Fusion. She had her Post-Op appointment yesterday. The doctor is very pleased with her recovery and so is mom. We are starting to get back to normal. She no longer requires the prescription pain meds and we have transitioned to over the counter. We are going to gradually begin to add certain levels of activity back into her schedule and all in all I am so happy that the hardest past of her recovery is behind us.

#4. Getting the green light for the DD’s orthopedic surgeon that she now has been cleared to walk the dog!!!!!!!!! We will be going on a trial run in a bit!

#3. Girls Night – Dinner and a Movie

With the hubs out of town I make it a rule to cook as little as possible if at all. I called a close friend and we made plans to meet at a new Mexican restaurant. Two mom’s two DD’s met for dinner and some good conversation and then we took a stroll through the local Blockbuster for a movie. We ended Bride Wars with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. It was really cute, a nice PG Chick Flick (although I was a bit disappointed that both the young women were cohabitating with their said boyfriends prior to marriage, but given the tone of today’s society those who choose to wait for marriage are in the minority) All in all it was a good movie! There might have been a Pomegranate Martini involved as well!

#2. Getting to Babysit My Granddaughter

She is three months old and came for a visit, She giggled, and she looked around, cooed, and made sweet baby noises. I got to kiss her chubby cheeks, play with her fingers, feed her, play peek-A-boo and generally have a fine time.

#1. Netflix Watch Instantly

OMGosh, I am not sure if this is a good thing or not but I LOVE it. Havening recently explored this option with my Netflix account it could rapidly become very addicting. You see all I have to do now to watch a movie is point and click. Last night when I retuned home from my accountability meeting, I tucked my DD in bed and I retired to my own room. I cot comfy in my jammies and a bowl of butter pecan ice cream and snuggle up in my bed with my laptop (since the hubs is out of town) and watched “Maid of Honor”. I did not have to go any where, do anything, just point my mouse arrow and click play and in a few minutes I’m watching a movie. It was too good. They have newly released movies as well as all my old favorites. It’s like being in movie heaven!!!


Susanne said...

Movie and dinner with a friend. How fun is that. I so need one of those nights.

nikkipolani said...

You are like my mom in that she ceases to cook once dad is out of town ;-) Glad you enjoyed time with the girls -- esp that grand daughter!

ellen b. said...

So glad things are improving well for your DD. I do the same thing when hubby is away. Cook as little as possible :0)
Sounds like you are filling your time well...enjoy!

Greetings from Guatemala said...

first time visitor to your blog. Enjoyed looking around.


skoots1mom said...


have a great weekend.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thank you Robin, for your very sweet comment! I appreciate all of you stopping by.

2Thinks said...

Ahh. Sounds very peaceful, just moms and daughters and movies and ice cream and the pomegranate sp? martini, well, that actually sounds quite healthy to me.

Ditto, I roll my eyes, about pre-cohabitation in all the flicks. I like Return to Me- it's sort of older, sad, but happy and they don't sleep together first.

I'm so glad for your daughter and for you regarding her recovery. May God's blessings continue to flow in the healing direction.


Karyn said...

movie, dinner, friend, and granddaughter - all on top of recovery for your DD! sounds like a terrific week to me!

barbarah said...

I remember when being sick for several weeks that "normal" sounded so lovely. Glad you're getting back to that place!

Sounds like a lovely week all around! I might have to check out that Netflix thing!!

Robin said...

Babysitting my little 8 month granddaughter makes me happier than anything! What a blessing for you.

And I better not even try movies on my laptop - I would get myself in big trouble!

Sassy Granny ... said...

I love at-home movie watching. I may have to check into the Netflix thing, as so many people are as enthused as you are. That ice cream sounds pretty good too!

Becky said...

Sounds like the perfect evening to me. I'm so glad DD is doing so well. I love watching movies and relaxing with my lappy. :-D

I have been trying to follow you but for some reason blogger isn't making the connection... I'll keep trying though.

debbie said...

Dear Robin,
This is my first time to your blog and I joined as a follower. I like the honesty of your blog very much...I took the time to read several posts.
I am very happy with your daughters' progress...My husband has had 2 surgeries on his back with months and months of physical
I love the photo you are using for your blog...that is a beautiful flower.

Midwest Nest said...

When my hubby is out of town I have my fav restaurants around time that I get takeout from that hubby doesn't like. Makes his time away not seem so bad. Also, love me some Netflix!

Terri Tiffany said...

I'm happy to hear that your daughter is doing well! Has it been a month already? Wow. Enjoy your fun times out!

2Thinks said...

Hey, I've been so busy, I haven't put up a post in two days, but meant to thank you again for all the great tips you give me on how to do stuff on the blog. I'm not as observant as I could be and need the help! Thank you!

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