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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What is your favorite ornament?

Before we get to the incredibly Rocket Scientists portion of this blog, I am officially launching my first Mr. Linky opportunity for all to participate in, woo hoooo.

I wanted to give you all a glimpse into no doubt what has happen and is happening all over the world. Our homes are taken from a state of clutter and chaos as we unpack and unwrapped all the decorations and begin the transformation.

So here goes.

The Before...................................................

The After.........................................

Now for the Rocket Scientist portion of this post! I am so impressed with myself for figuring this out, you all will have to forgive me. I am sure (I hope) it will wear off quickly!
So what is your favorite ornament?

I shared with you in a previous post abut my favorite Christmas ornaments. We all have them, the ones made by tiny hands with glitter construction paper and lots of glue. I wanted to share with you my most precious Christmas ornaments.

The first one was made by my son when he was probably 4 or 5 years old. It is a sweet little baby Jesus made from a peanut. It brings back all the wonderful memories of when my son was little and sweet.

The second one was made by my daughter when she was about the same age. She had a special nursery worker, Miss Joy was her name. I attended a Wednesday morning bible study and many times my daughter had Miss Joy all to herself. She was a sweet older woman who loved my daughter just like a grandmother. She went out of her way to provide crafts for the children to make and often times brought things on her own for them to do. It is a simple empty toilet paper holder wrapped in construction paper with some yellow yarn, but its worth to me is more than gold.

I love these two ornaments and it does not feel like the tree is fully decorated until these two ornaments are unwrapped and hung on the tree.

So what is your favorite ornament?

Leave me a comment to let me know you are participation. I know there will be some wonderful ornaments shared as well as all the special memories connected to all that glittter, glue and construction paper.
Merry Christmas


Sassy Granny ... said...

Confession time: I have not put up a tree in three years! Thus I can't actually elaborate on my favorite ornament.

That said, I must also say my house is full of Christmas festivity: a manager, snow-people of various sizes, twinkle lights, a snow village, holly, garlands, wreaths, candles, etc.

So why no tree? Because they dry and die within 3 days here in Arizona, and the really nice fake ones are a fortune.

Maybe next year ...

P.S. Your tree & mantle setting is lovely!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Beautiful tree...huge.

May I also say and take notice that I love, love, love your green walls and stark white trim.

I have a very similar shade of green in my bedroom.

I can't recall my favorite ornament as I've not put up my tree this year nor last.

Mary said...

Robin, your tree is absolutely beautiful!
I was SO excited when you put Mr. Linky up for others to share about their favorite ornament. I wanted to do that with the post I wrote but I don't know how to do Mr. Linky and now is not a good time to try to figure it out. I hope many will share.
I certainly plan to. . I have so many "favorite" ornaments and I'll just have to decide.
The ornaments that you showed are so precious. How old are your children now!

love, shirley

skoots1mom said...

this is gonna sound weird, kinda...but, my favorite ornament is a dove with a red ribbon in its mouth...real feathers and it came from a wreath that was at my Daddy's funeral. The wreath had 2 doves on just green floral backgroun surrounded by puffs of cotton off of my Daddy's cotton plants that he had tilled in his side pasture. It was sent to his funeral by a teenager that loved him like a granddaddy and would use various things from my Dad's farm in her school 4-h projects...as soon as my sister and I saw the wreath, we knew she had sent it and it meant the world to us. So, we each got one dove and they sit in the tops of our trees each year...Daddy is with us, on our trees and in our hearts!

p.s. go to my site for a new award I've given

Robin Lambright said...

In answer to your question Mary, my children are nearly grown now. My son is 19 and my daughter is 13.

Leslie said...

Very pretty!!!!!!

Keetha said...

I came to you from BooMama's tour, in which you are number 204 of 898!!! I'm TRYING to visit you ALL.

I LOVE that column in your living room. What a GREAT setting for a tree. Your after shot is amazing

Merry Christmas.

PS - - - I have a popsickle stick manger with a tiny plastic baby that one of my kids made years ago too!!

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