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Friday, December 26, 2008

The expection builds.............

Well after several long evenings with lap top positioned on my knee and ignoring the television and my family I have finally put the finishing touches on my "I see what you're saying" video. 

I have to confess to experiencing moment of obsession over these last few day as I assembled all my necessary pictures and clips, but I also have to share that I now feel like Steven Spielberg as I learned to maneuver around my Movie Maker program. 

We all wait with great anticipation for Tuesday to see what everyone has put together.

Now on to a completely unrelated topic. 

To answer a question that few of you who commented on my "Female-No Alarm" post had.

Much to my dismay I never was able to find out exactly what "Female - No Alarm!" actually meant. 

It remains a mystery!

The world - or me may never know!


1 comment:

skoots1mom said...

sent you a message on email about TSA procedures that may help with why she was yelling "female no alarm)

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