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Friday, December 19, 2008

It' all a blur

Oh my where does the time go! 

I have post whirring around in my head, menu plans that need planning, gifts to wrap, working part time, let me clarify so you get the full picture........working part time at an office that is currently moving from an old and cramped office space to a new and more spacious office where I will actually have my very own office with a desk and a chair, it does not take much these days to make me happy. I thought packing my home was a chore. Let's just say yuck! The chaos will be short lived hopefully and all will be back to normal by the middle of next week. Another added bonus is that all the real heavy and complicated parts of the move were taken care of by professional movers. Big yaaaaaa!

Add in the reality of generally being old and to use my new favorite word "decrepit" I find that it at time is simply easier to sit and do nothing rather than obsess over all the thing that have not been done, written or planned, moved or unpacked.

A big thank you to the Microsoft powers that be for expeditious issuing a patch for the security issues. 

I will say that the added bonus to all of this is that I did download a free copy of the Google browser and have found that there is a spell check feature built in to the program. This may not seem like an important detail but for the spelling impaired it is a wonderful tool when you are leaving a comment on a blog, your spelling error's show up and if you right click you are able to correct your mistakes. Unless I am totally misinformed this feature is not available when commenting on a blog using the explorer browser. 

Oh! and my new favorite bargain are some really cool latte' mugs at the final clearance of the Linen's n Thing's going out of business sale! I hate that they are going out of business and all the people who work there are now out of a job, but the mugs are really great!

Well I'm off to unpack my new office, oh my stars I don't think I know how to act. I even have a door and two windows!

As I was brushing my hair and dressing I had additional thoughts for this morning post but in the short time that it took me to move from one room to another as well as a phone call from a friend theses no doubt brilliant thoughts have left my head. 



Paula (SweetPea) said...

I have so often wished and been waiting for blogger to have a spell check. I type my comments so fast and on the occasion I've re-read them, it's embarrassing.

I'll have to google the google browser and see how that works. See if it functions like I need it to and as the internet explorer does. Thanks for the tip. You must've been reading my mind but I was just thinking about spell checker in blogger today.

I love your soup can tin ornament painted read with santa.
Merry Christmas,

skoots1mom said...

have been praying your "delivery" went well and that God's love flowed from your body and your voice...isn't it neat when you get to play a part in reaching out?!

Ruthie said...

Whew ! You've been busy!

I moved our Pediatric Practice office once - and it was a job! So I know what you mean. But the new office space will make it all worth while.


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