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Saturday, November 29, 2008

What is it about the holidays?

I was thinking this morning about how the transformation that happens in my home after thanksgiving?

It is a slow gradual process as the tree gets put up and the decorations get put on. I love unwrapping all my precious homemade ornaments and finding just the right spot to place then on the tree.

One of my favorites is a small baby Jesus ornament that my son made when he was a very little boy. It is made with Popsicle sticks and a peanut wrapped up in a small piece of blue cloth, Baby Jesus in the Manger, it is the sweetest ornament and quite possible my favorite. (I will post a picture of the ornament as soon as I come across it, all the ornaments are still waiting to be unboxed)

But as I was standing in my kitchen pouring my coffee I thought to myself that today is the day that I will make the switch. I will take all my Christmas coffee mugs down from their shelf and put all my normal everyday coffee cups away. This for me will then signal the beginning of the holidays. It is such small thing, however it really does set the tone, I think. It is just a silly little thing, but for me it begins the holidays.

Do you have a small tradition that really begins the holidays for you?



Terri Tiffany said...

Well, as I said, we haven't done anything for years since we travel during the holidays, but this year as we will be home, I pulled everything out and replace plates on the walls with Christmas ones and stored my teapots away and put ornaments there instead. But we have a manger too, and I just got done putting that out! I love to hang all the ornaments with memories attached.

Sassy Granny ... said...

For me it's as much about the sounds and smells as anything. I put away my Vanilla candles in favor of Cinnamon. I turn up the volume on Vince Gill's Christmas CD (what is it about his rendition of "O Holy Night" that so captivates?).

And then there's all the snowmen that show up to live in my house the month of December (they live under the stairs the rest of the year). Big & small, short & tall. They make me laugh.

And oh ... the pretty holly trimmed Christmas dishes give every meal a taste that's quintessential holiday-ish.

It's a season of celebration and closure, of readying for the blah of January when all the pretty stuff & snowmen go home. When the new chapter is largely unwritten and the slate is clean. I like that too.

Be blessed,

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