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Monday, November 10, 2008

O.C.D. a.k.a. Obsessive Crocheting Disorder

New information was released today to the general public about a disturbing new disorder becoming more prevalent in the knitting and crocheting society. The findings from this ground breaking study are shedding some much needed light onto a little know and newly discovered disordered.

Obsessive Crocheting Disorder is a closely related form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, however the symptoms seem to be closely related to the weather. Research studies have found a link between the drop in temperature and the rise of reported cases of Obsessive Crocheting Disorder. However scientists are still unable to determine why the colder temperatures seem to bring the onset of this disturbing disorder.

In researching this new disorder doctors interview a cross section of society and found that there are several symptoms that can all be indicators of this disorder. Sadly this disorder can also be genetic and passed from one generation to another. To date there is no know test to detect the genetic causes of this disorder but in an effort to help educate the general public as to the seriousness of this condition they are releasing their findings to the general public.

Sufferers from this disorder report symptoms such as:

  • Experiencing a constant and underlying thought in there mind that they need to be crocheting.

  • an uncontrollable pull toward the yarn bag

  • feelings of dissatisfaction in all other areas of life while an unfinished project lay dormant.

  • upon entering any retail center such as Wal Mart or Hobby Lobby there is an automatic response to head directly for the yarn isle to see if anything is on sale.

  • an unwillingness to throw away the paper wrappers around the skeins because of the free patter on the back side.

  • the accumulation of small balls of left over yarn

  • a desire to have multiple projects going at once, this last symptom can further complicate this difficult disorder as the brain has difficulty setting priorities and the lines between normal boundaries begin to blur and the sufferers no longer have the ability to distinguish between normal time and time spent crocheting.

  • yarn hording (the needless buying of yarn with the intention of doing something with it in the future)

    Family members report feelings of becoming invisible as well as a sudden loss of hearing in the they can not get the attention of their loved ones while they are crocheting. “Just let me get to the end of this row….” is a common excuse reported by frustrated family members.

    In studying the catscan’s of the study participants scientist have found that the brain of one suffering from Obsessive Crocheting Disorder simply can not distinguish between the normal priorities of life such as cooking, cleaning, bill paying and general parenting when there is a prayer shawl or blanket that remains unfinished with in a ten foot radius of their physical presence.

    Individuals with documented cases of O.C.D. have reported to their physicians of experiencing what can only be describes as phantom like symptoms such as the feeling of yarn puling through there fingers when they are doing ordinary things. They also report that random thoughts such as wondering if they have the right size hooks at home or if they have enough yarn to finish the project preoccupy their thought processes.

    Doctors report that it is not uncommon for sufferers of this disorder to experience times of intense anxiety when they skip a stitch, realize that they have miscounted or have trouble decipher the code language that is unique to the crocheting subculture:
  • (example of code)
    With A, ch 101. Sc in second ch from hook and in each of next 6 chs, * 3 sc in next ch, sc in next 7 ch, skip next 2 ch, sc in each of next 7 chs, repeat from * 4 more times, 3 sc in next ch, sc in each of last 7 ch. Fasten off A, turn…..repeat 45 rows until pieces measures 45 inches or you simply loose your mind or run out of yarn and refuse to make another tip to the Wal Mart for more.

    On a more positive note the study findings did report that the individual suffering for this disorder experience moments of intense satisfaction upon completion of a crocheting project, as well as multiple occurrences of “OOOOH’s and AHHHHH’s and Oh my word, did you make that, it’s so beautiful!” from onlookers which tended to spur the sufferers on to more and more crocheting.

    As of yet there is no know treatment for Obsessive Crocheting Disorder, however researchers are hopeful that as more is learned about this unique disorder that a cure will eventually be found.


On a personal note I am considering forming a 12 step program for those suffering from Obsessive Crocheting Disorder.

Hi! My name is Robin and I can’t stop working my blanket.

I actually bought all the yarn in the bin at the Wal Mart just because I would rather take back the skeins that I do not use rather than have to make a special trip back because I have run out.

Someone help me!!!!!
(the project I am working on is top secret and it is going to be really pretty when it is finished!!!!)

And sad but true, as I finish this post my DD is sitting at the end of the sofa working on her very first crochet project. I was instructed last night as she ran out of yarn to make sure I stopped at the Hobby Lobby on my way home from work today to pick up some more of the yarn she needed, because they did not have the specific kind of yarn at the Wal Mart.

Oh no! Like mother like daughter.


godlover said...

Hi Robin, I've been busy so I've missed you for quite a while. I'm still praying for you and DS. I think I have a version of this disorder only it's called OCKD Hope I got that right. Same problem but it leans toward knitting needles and k2,p2 or as in my scarves *k1p1, k1p1* repeat from * for 3442 stitches. Roughly the same problem disorder you're suffering from and now your DD is leaning that direction too. Isn't it fun to make things happen out of yarn? I love it. I just started going to the knitting group two weeks ago and I'm having a blast. I'm still making scarves but we're all going to do a sampler afghan and that should be fun. I'm discovering how much fun your church friends can be outside of church. Lot's of fun! I have to watch a DVD tomorrow that shows how to cast on. I've been knitting for years but have never learned the real way to cast on. I've always just used slip-stitches but that's not the real way. It works if you don't care how neatly you start out.

My hair is growing back, yea!!! But it's sure taking its own sweet time about it. There's still not enough up there to comb yet. Can't create a part; nothing to comb over. But most of the pink scalp is gone. I still have this incredible feeling that it's not going to grow out. I feel like I'll do good to get an inch. It's about 1/2 inch right now and it's been months. I thought for sure I'd have hair by now.

Anyway I miss you but I've just been so busy with everything. My hubby had foot surgery 3 weeks ago and is just tonight going to go back to sleeping in bed (he's been using the recliner). My nieces 18 yo son accidentally OD'd on heroin but was on life support for almost a week before he finally died. That brought back lots of memories for me around the death of my own son (although his was intentional) and the next day my cat died. So I've had a couple horrible weeks here. Miss you and now that things have kind of slowed down maybe I'll be able to keep up with my blog writers. Gotta run. Just really wanted to say hi!

Patrice said...

I wish I had OCD in crocheting. I have tried and tried, but it stresses me out to the max! I tried to make a blanket, but it was so tight that it turned into a pot holder! He he!

It's just not for me!

Terri Tiffany said...

LOL!! I admit to being a recovering OCD person! I even taught my daughter too! But then I moved to HOT florida and the disorder disappeared!!

Cyndy said...

Hello, my name is Cyndy. I am completely frustrated with our WalMarts small selection of yarn but cannot afford to shop at the little yarn boutique. I knit and crochet, but I like to crochet more. I look up free patterns on the internet and save my skein wrappers.

Someone help me please.

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