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Friday, November 14, 2008

Six degrees of separation or blogeration or just a bunch of my random thoughts.

I love how clicking over to my blog leads me to so many different thoughts and people. This morning I was comforted by a wonderful Scottish poem and then I checked in on 2 cup of coffee and she had bounced off a blog and did a post which was spurred off of someone else’s blog and so on and so on and so on and there you have the six degree of blogeration so I thought I would add my (I've lost count what degree it is ) of separation to this random chain in the blogosphere.

So here it is for all it’s worth!

What is your writing process?

For me it is a definite prompting. There are times when it seems as if there is a tiny voice in my head that tells me to write it down, there are multiple scriptures that reference God specifically telling his people to write something down, no I am far from saying that what I place down on paper is prophetic, but it is just an example of how best to describe my process.

I will be doing something random and then a thought or germ of an idea will flash in my brain and I will just know I will need to write it down. I have kept a written journal for many years and have been placing my thoughts down on paper since I was a teenager. I know, I know a scary thought that when I am gone there will be boxes and boxes of my random thought just lying around to traumatize my children, but I digress. I found that I would begin to place my thoughts down on paper but somehow it would transition into something else. I would be casually writing along and then it would turn into something that I knew was somehow more that just my inner workings.

It took me many years to chew on the realization that this transformation was called writing and it took me even longer to get over the fear of actually admitting to myself and to others that I wanted to be a writer. I mean writers are smart people with collage degrees and diverse vocabularies…….Oh my gosh did I just write that down for all to see!!!!!!!

What are your greatest creative inspirations?

I have noticed that there are two very specific triggers for me. The first being God’s word or His creation. I have really come to accept over the last few years that God has placed a call to write in my heart. There are specific times when I will read a specific passage of scripture and then these thoughts will come flowing into my brain and it feels like a waterfall. If I do not stop and take the time to get them out of my head and down on paper then I feel unsettled.

The second is life observations, there are times when I will be doing a random thing, be outside or even something as simple a household chores and I will have sort of a mini revelation that will connect with how great God is and how wonderful He orchestrate things and again it will whirl around in my head until I place it down on paper. What are your greatest creative barriers?
Maintaining balance. Time constraints. Setting priorities. Knowing that stuff has to get done, working part time, but also recognizing that if I do not devote the time to actually spending time working on being a writer then it will never happen. What is your favorite word? Hush or serendipity or congruent

What is your least favorite word?


What sound or noise do you love?

I could sit by the ocean for hours, the soft yet thundering cadence of how the waves roll in and out can soothe most any trouble. I have a CD of ocean waves that I will play form time too time to help me sleep, second favorite sound is the hissing and gurgling that my coffee maker makes as it finished brewing my morning coffee, but I think that has more to do with the pavlovian response in knowing that my coffee is ready.

What sound or noise do you hate?

An electric pencil sharpener accompanied by a 13 year old with a handful of dull colored pencils.

What is your favorite curse word?

I rarely use profanity, but in have been know to utter a s _ _ _! Upon slicing my finger or stubbing my toe.

A song/band/type of music you'd risk wreck & injury to turn off when it comes on the radio?

Rap and Head banging screaming hard rock, I don’t think it should even be classified as music,

Best show on television?

Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, Boston Legal, Iron Chief America, Dancing with the Stars.

Favorite movie?

This for me is too difficult. I simply love movies. I love old movies, new movies, bad movies. Block busters, science fiction, thrillers, action adventure, romance, romantic comedy. I think it would be easier to tell you there are a few movie genres that I do not care for, I do not like to watch the blood and gore slashed tire movies, I do not care for the really dark serial killer criminal type movies.

Favorite room in your house?

The kitchen! I truly believe it is the heart of the home. It is where people congregate, it is where my daughter and I work side by side to prepare our evening meals. It is where I blow off steam. If I am having a personal crisis it is not uncommon for there to me multiple trays of muffins or cookies cooling across my kitchen island. I love getting in the kitchen and coming up with something new, experimenting with new recipes changing things up and trying new things.

As I work on this post there is a batch of cinnamon raisin bread proofing n the oven. The hours smell of yeast and cinnamon and by the end of the day there will be two homemade loaves of cinnamon raisin swirl bread cooling ready for Saturday morning breakfast tomorrow.

Best concert?

I am so totally not a music lover, but the last concept we went to was the “Music Build’s: Concert” tour. My hubby travels quite a bit and he was able to score us some free tickets to his concert from all the stays he got at a certain hotel chain. Let me see if I can remember who all was there. Switchfoot, Jars of Clay, Third Day and one other band that I can’t remember. It was a great concert.

Brass or strings?


If you could have anything put on a t-shirt what would it be?

Got Jesus?

..... or

Be considerate

(I absolutely hate rudeness and selfishness, folks need to recognize that it so is not abut them and see what it really is all about, knowing Jesus and learning to think of someone else before themselves!)

The best part about being your age?

Is there a good thing about being nearly fifty???? One year and a few days and counting until the big 50. Well I can say that I feel a whole lot more shelf assured about me and what I believe in. I am more confident in myself as a person and I feel competently competent, or at least if feel like I am on a path to becoming competently competent. (a phrase I stole from a recent Beth Moore Simulcast that I attended, which by the way was amazing!!!!!!!)

Favorite Girl Scout cookie?

Tri Foils

Poker or gin or bridge?

Go Fish or solitaire. I so don’t understand the rules of poker, or any card game for that matter.

Shower or bath?

Most days I take a shower, but if I have my house to myself and there have been no demand on the water heater then I can take a nice long hot bath. If DD and DH have had there nightly shower there is never enough hot water to fill up my garden tub, (note to self: next house or next project a tank-less water heater and all the hot water I can possible use all the time any time I want)

Favorite pajamas?

A light weight cotton tank top. No flannel or long sleeves for me. The night sweats and sudden hot flashes have hit with a vengeance and even on winter nights much to my DH dismay I have to have the ceiling fan running to keep me from bursting into flames. I will have to kick off my comforter during the night while my husband in hunkered down under two quilted doubled over so he can stay warm.

Nightmare job?

House cleaning or working in a daycare center. A shiver just ran down my spine at the thought of being a cleaning lady in a daycare center.

A talent you wish you had?

I am terrible at math, I wish I was a better speller and one day I would love to have a studio where I could learn how to throw a pot on a potter’s wheel.

I also would love to be able to think faster in my feet. I can not tell you the number of times when I am faced with a situation and I am at a complete loss for what to say. It will be hours later and then after I have pondered on the situation I will know what I should have said.

Dream vacation?

Any place tropical.

What's on your nightstand?

A small arrangement of artificial flowers, an alarm clock, a flashlight, a bookmark, an pony tail holder, a bottle of Aveeno Stress Relief Lotion, a telephone, the instruction manual to a cell phone, a handkerchief, a sleep mask, the price tags and size tags from a recent purchase and a tiny zip lock bag with a button in it, you now the kind they attach to a new blouse or sweater with a replacement button.

3 weird things about you:

When I eat M&M’s I will open the bag and dump them out and group all the different colors together. I will then eat them according to color. Sometime I go from the most of one color to the least but then other times I will go from least to the most, unless I am at the theater and then you have to eat them straight out of the bag.

I would rather have silence than listen to music.

I lack the shopping gene, in fact I will go as far as to say that shopping is my very least favorite thing to do ever, I would rather do anything even clean my house than go shopping.

Give me a shout out if you feel the need to add to this little blog hopping degrees of separation.



a portland granny said...

Wow! That was quite a read! I enjoyed the part about writing in your blog. I know the feeling of inspiration that hits....and I know the feeling of when it doesn't hit!! In the last 48 hours I have decided to discontinue my blog for a while. My brain is dry, my time can be better spent for now, and I think I am tired of coming up with new subjects--I have purposed not to do because there are so many great ones to read online---so that is out for me. I am at peace with my decision as I was getting too addicted to blogging, gathering up pictures, etc.

However, I will still be reading my favorite blogs and gleaning much from them I am sure.

I am so happy I discovered yours!

In reading through your likes and dislikes, several of your choices were mine--I do not like to shop and I have seldom met any other woman like me, so I am glad to see that you also don't have the shopping gene!

As to your age....enbrace each stage of life you are in and accept it as a gift from God. When I was your age, thinking about being 76 was terrible, but now that I have arrived, I find I love so many things about this chapter of my life!

Keep up your good writing.


Ruthie said...

I enjoyed your comments today.
I like ocean CDs also - although I'd rather be in the mountains than by the seashore.

Sassy Granny ... said...

I like Portland Granny already! Her 76 and my 60 are proof positive that the best is always yet to come!

What fun, too, getting a peak at the deeper you.


Technonana said...

Oh Girl, you got my head spinnin'.. too many questions, but there are some things that you and I REALLY agree on...
Most of the time, I post things that I feel complelled to post. Then sometimes it's just the things that are happening to me or my family.
I believe it is helpful to post the things that happen to us, because there are so many others who just may be on the same wave length with us, I need their wisdom, or they may need mine.(we gain wisdom from the trials in our lives) Life... that's what I want to know about!!! We ALL have so much more in common than we think!!!

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