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Friday, June 26, 2015

It's all over but the laundry

After many years I have learned what the essential campmeeting supplies are.

Now I can get everything over there in one load, the first few years I was captured by the desire to set up house, fortunately my husband did not divorce me with the multiple loads for the first few years.

I learned my lesson, as well as realized the error of my eays. Less is more where campmeeting is concerned. I have it pared down to one large Rubbermaid container that is set aside each year.

However I have not figured out how to contain the chaos,  the dirt tracked in and out, the things that go undone here at the house, the laundry...

The day after is a whir of sweeping, sorting, putting back together and general clean up.

The laundry is nearly done, the floors and carpets are sweat and vacuumed, I still need to find the leak in the air mattress but that is for another day.

The Hubs wad gone on a mission trip for a week, the turned around and left on a business trip for another week. He got home and it's campmeeting.

So tonight I cook a full meal in my kitchen for the first time in nearly a month.

I think I may have forgotten how...


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