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Monday, June 22, 2015

Campmeeting: Day Two

I actually beat the birds and squirrels up this morning. They are just now emerging from from their campground homes to explore the dropped tid-bits from last nights supper.

So my internal dialog is full of difficult questions this morning.

Our church is struggling right now, this grieves my spirit. I feel like my family is falling apart and I am at a loss to stop it. When I look back, we have been members here for over 25 years, I remember the sanctuary bursting at the seams. Now we are a dim shadow of what we once were.

This struggle has encroached upon my beloved campmeeting. I try to remain positive, yet realistically wonder how much longer it can hang on.

I continue to pray, in the fall the church body will be dedicating several months to prayer as well as other actions to seek direction for our future.

I know the church, overall across our nation is in decline, but this for me is personal.

The momma in me wants to fix it, scold it into submission, embrace it and  comfort it, scream and yell, point out the error of its ways and say "I told you so!"

And yes I am making my list of insights, suggestions and constructed criticism for the fall.

Fondly remembering the days of campmeetings past  when the lingering lasted for hours, the children were in their natural habitat laughing and chasing after lighting bugs. We would all gather after worship and just sit and talk and fellowship...

But my children are grown now and things change...

Can ya tell that my air mattress sprang a leak last night and I was forced to sleep on one of the ratty mattresses in our cabin. My body and my mood are not happy. My chair is sitting in an ant pile, I keep having to adjust to a different spot but the little critters keep finding me.

Next stop, the Walmart for ant spray and a new air mattress.

Now it's time for another cup of coffee and some breakfast.

Blogging from the front porch of my cabin y'all. I am one step closer to world domination...well maybe not!

I'll be praying for a lighter more positive attitude.


Shirley Mary said...

Oh, my! What memories came flooding back when reading about "Campmeeting" Haven't been to campmeeting in years but how wonderful it was. Our church has seen BIG changes also and I can identify with just about all you wrote.
It's nice to see you are still blogging. I really enjoyed reading and writing a few years back but then the wind changed and I found my self going in a different direction. But today it was refreshing to read your post.

Sarah Foster said...

I, too, grieve when I see the empty pews. I think however we are on the brink of something really special and wonderful.

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