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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Campmeeting: Day Three

I slept in my own bed last night. It was a bit strange to willingly on purpose skip dinner and worship during campmeeting, but my husband has been out of town on a mission trip then immediately left again for a business trip to Germany. We have not had dinner together in over two week, so I decided to spend time with the Hubs last night.

He was very tired, that flight from Germany is a killer, but he is home safe and sound.

The day lilies are finished blooming but the crepe myrtle have just started. The black-eyed susan's are almost ready to bloom. After two years the asters I planted look like they my bloom. The bunnies have mowed my yarrow practically down to the ground, I am not to concerned about this, it has never been a favorite of mine in the landscape.

The nasty bore worm has attacked my zucchini again this year and I think it may be done for. I should have sprinkled some seven dust, but I try to avoid pesticides.

The tomatoes, green peppers and cucumbers are out of control so we will be fully stocked in that department.

It's quite and cool in my garden, the Hubs has gone off to work and the Girlchild off to school.

To shift gears completey: This falls under the catagory of how to parent a grown child or what not to say first thing in the morning.

The Girlchild walks in the living room in her short shorts, white midriff top, cowboy boots.

Me: "Are you planning on wearing cloths to school?"

Confession,  if I looked like her when I was a young thing I probably would have dressed to show off my my figure too. However as a momma I want to toss a blanket over her and tell her to go put some cloths on.

To her credit she is very conservative compared to some of the girls I have seen on campus so I am thankful for that.

Well, no earth shattering thoughts on world domination this morning, for now I am thankful for the birds singing, my garden, a cup of coffee and I may apply for a job at NASA cause....I'm still blogging from my phone!



The Bug said...

I'm just amazed by your ability to blog from your phone! I get annoyed just trying to send a simple text...

I need to share with you the poem I wrote one year about campmeeting (although I have a sneaking suspicion that I shared it with you back in the day - ha!).

Robin Lambright said...

Even if you did share it I can guarantee I have probably forgotten it...LOL...

Do I know you???

Ps, the blogger app is super easy to use.

Robin Lambright said...
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