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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Project 365 ~ Week 5: It was a good week with the clay y’all!

We had some extreme weather, I made an awesome chocolate cake and our last glaze firing was full of lots of happy results!

Monday, January 28

Overall I was very happy with this coffee cup, there is a slight boo boo on the other side due to an operator error when I glazed it but live and learn is the phrase for the day where me and the clay are concerned….


I call these glaze buggers…I am sure there is a technical pottery term but bugger works for me!


Tuesday, January 29

Skoots1mom posted a recipe on her FB page for a vinegar cake, it was so simple that I had to try it. You can be sure I will be keeping this one around for a long time. The amazing thing is that the recipe required absolutely no eggs! It is just your simple every day pantry ingredient, and most of the time we all have them in our pantry all the time, so the next time you need a super quick desert idea….my suggestion is a vinegar cake. It was awesome. Click here for the recipe…..


Cooks note, I replaced the water in the cake with my left over morning coffee and it was super delicious!!!!!! Ina always says coffee enhanced the chocolate flavor and well ….it was really good!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 30

We had some nasty weather on Wednesday. Lots of rain, there were some tornado’s but thankfully none in my area…just a LOT of rain!

Don’t ya just love the rive flowing through my backyard!!!!!


Thursday, January 31

They decided to have a quiet moment in the morning sun….


Friday, February 1

intently watching Curious George…


Well it was a happy kiln day at the pottery studio today!

I was happy with the results, I liked this small bowl. I have two more larger bowls that I have glazed the same color. There was not room in the kiln for all of them so they will be in the next firing.

Small Brown and Blue Bowl 1 of 3

I was happy with this one as well! The glaze is called Whale Blue, I think it is appropriately named. It really does remind me of the skin on a whale!

blue and red candy dish

This is the surprise of the week. Look at the difference in how the glaze was painted on and how it finished off. This defiantly did not turn out how I anticipated! However I was surprised by how much I like the results!

Haybale Yellow Bowl

I was semi happy with the result of this Carved Kitchen Utensil Crock. I already have some revisions on mind for the next one. Overall I was happy with it. It is at least happy with the height and the width. Much more functional than the last one I did!


Saturday, February 2

I had poured my cheerios into my tired old Tupperware cereal bowl when I spotted my new bowl on the kitchen counter. My heart did a small leap with excitement as I dumped my cereal back into the container and re-poured them into my new bowl!

I am thinking I need to make a purple and red bowl or a brown and blue coffee mug for a matched breakfast set….


Well that was my week! Lot’s of pottery so I apologize for the redundancy!

Y’all head over to Momma Fran’s and link up for more P365 fun!




Sweet Tea said...

I love pottery. My MIL had lots of Frankoma pottery from "back in the day". I always find it so "homey" looking. Your is beautiful and will someday become heirlooms. Good stuff!

momma frans said...

Chocolate and coffee together?!? Sign me up! I love the whale blue piece with the red trim! That's a beautiful combination.


Love, love, love all the pottery pieces. They are amazing. You have such an eye for color and design.

The Bug said...

Gorgeous pottery! But you ruint that cake with coffee :) (can you tell I'm no fan of mocha?).

Muffinhead & the pooch in the sun are just darling - but I think my favorite picture is her close-up - such cuteness!

The Cyber Hermit said...

The pottery is really awesome. And, mmmmm...Cake!

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