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Saturday, February 9, 2013

God is Good…All the TIME!

I am going to go down a bit of a bunny trail here but hang with me I do have a very good point…in April of 2012 I was in a very minor fender bender. Some woman backed into the side of my car in the Kroger parking lot. We went ahead and had the side of my car repaired and paid the $200.00 deductible. The insurance company began the process of perusing the other insurance company for damages done to my car, as it was not my fault. Life goes on and I had not given much thought to the status of the claim.

Fast forward to this morning.

The Hubs is working on our taxes.

We have been faithful to set aside a portion of our monthly income so that when the tax bill comes due we have the funds to pay it. We have long since stopped loaning the government an interest free loan long ago so we know we will have to pay each year. When all the numbers were calculated we had done very well. Our Federal Tax line item in the budget fell short by only $150.00 to pay both the federal and the state taxes. As I was opening the mail today sorting through junk mail, bills and what not I tear into an envelope and find ……a reimbursement check for the insurance company. They have been quietly working behind the scenes to get our deductable back. So we fall $150.00 short and the very same day God sends us a check in the mail via the insurance company for $200.00….God is so GOOD!

Living within our means, living on a budget and recognizing and being thankful for God’s abundant provision….He Is Faithful!




1 comment:

momma frans said...

He IS faithful. i love God stories!!

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