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Friday, February 22, 2013

Bla Bla Bla Blogging Bla….Anybody else out there feeling this way?


What up with this? I think I have lost my blogging mojo.


Anybody else out there feeling this way?


Thinking of taking a break…


Does anybody even read these post????


What peeks your interest for visiting and reading a blog?


What do you want to read or why do you give a blog a look-see?


Ho Hum…bla bla bla…


Blogging blaa-ness…





Marsha said...

I read and enjoy your blog but I definitely understand the blogging blahs as I've been feeling it myself. With my busy lifestyle I have been reading blogs but not taking time to comment so I'm sorry if you think I haven't been reading. I love seeing your family and hearing your faith but since I am a northern girl and deep in snow seeing the cherry blossom photo really warmed my heart this week.

The Bug said...

Well I DID take a "sort of" blogging break, so I hear you.

I read your blog because of your hilarious spin on the details of your day to day life - you're a good writer. But if you've lost your mojo then maybe a break would be a good idea.

My break has worked well for me. I have two posts scheduled for after Easter, and I can feel the bloggy blood stirring in my veins. Now whether what I write will be GOOD is a whole other matter - but since I write to amuse my own self it's ok.

Skoots1moM said...

i notice many people take breaks during this time of year...

i've been in a lull for quite a while but i think it's because i don't really do anything that inspires me to write anymore

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