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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Project 365 ~ Week 4

I closed out the week with two funerals in two days y’all! That will take the wind out of your sails for sure. However mourning the loss of two special people has a way of putting things into perspective in your own life as well.

I spent a good bit of time at the pottery studio this week. I am looking forward to the next glaze firing so see if any of my pieces will bear good fruit…

Sunday, January 20

My fall/winter garden is beginning to wane but I was able to harvest a very nice batch of Swiss Chard. It is cleaned and waiting to be cooked in the frig.


Monday, January 21

The girlchild had ordered a book from our favorite book store and I had to swing by and pick it up on Monday afternoon.  I have been having this nagging thought that I needed to find some new devotional material, sometimes you just need a bit of fresh air after you have worked your way through all the older devotional books in your stack if ya know what I mean.

As I was wandering around the book store I spied this just sitting on he shelf.


I picked it up and then I set it back down. I wandered around for a bit more. I always forget which color sticker are for new books and which color is for the used books…..when I was in the line to pick up the book the the girlchild had ordered I saw the sigh at checkout reminding customers that the green stickers were for the used books. Plus if you have traded in old books you earn store credits, of which I have about a billion store credits AND if you  have store credits you get all used book at HALF PRICE…needless to say I quickly stepped out of line and hurried back and snatched this puppy right off the shelf…can you say score!!!!


I love that the front half is for the morning and then you flip it over and the back half is for the evening.

LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 22

We have started going to the workout room on Monday’s, Tuesday's and Friday’s when the Hubs gets home from work…we all go, the Girlchild included.

We had finished up and we were all getting out of the van, she was in the back seat and me in the front, she placed her had on the door jam just as I was closing the door…..can you say SMASH and OUCH!


It was a bit swollen but thankfully she only got slightly nicked by the door as she was able to almost pull her fingers away in time…she survived. The last time she got her fingers caught like that she was a toddler!


No pictures (except for drying clay….) on Wednesday, January 23 or Thursday, January 24

But I will have some completed pieces to share soon…..I hope!

Friday, January 25

Diligence pays off or maybe I’m just hard headed y’all!

We went to San Francisco in 2009. We had some amazing food and enjoyed the famous Sourdough Bread. I came home determined to try to duplicate the sourdough. Well it has taken me five years of trying but I think I have finally figured it out. I made a batch last week and it was light, soft and very tender. It had just the right consistency and had just the right tang to it.

In my humble opinion I don't have it right until I can duplicate the recipe the exact same way twice. Once I am able to get a recipe to turn out multiple times with the same result then I am good to go.

I can officially say that I think I am good to go.

This is the second loaf that I have done and I have maintained the same texture, flavor and result…so after five years I think I've got this sourdough thing figured out!


That was my week, I hope you all are keeping warm and having a great weekend!

Y’all head over to Momma Fran’s and link up for more P365 fun!





semperfi said...

I can smell that bread baking, looks delicious. Glad the fingers were okay.

momma frans said...

Mmmmm. That bread looks wonderful. What a cool devotional book!!

Angie said...

Doing a little shopping today, including the used bookstore. I'll have to see if they have that book. Looks interesting.

Glad her fingers are ok. I hate when that happens!

The bread looks super yummy!

Have a great week!

The Bug said...

I could eat that bread RIGHT NOW - man it looks good :)

Sorry for your losses - you're right about the perspective. And ouch to the girl child!


Looks like you had a great week. The bread looks yummo.

rita said...

Even my brother Ivan can make bread, and I don't ever try :-(
Nor have I ever tried pottery.
Swiss chard, oh, lucky you Southern gardener.

Diane Meyer said...

Wait, wait, wait. I need to know about the sourdough. It is my favorite bread, and I have never made it. Please blog more about it, with, you know, a RECIPE and INSTRUCTIONS. :-)

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