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Monday, January 21, 2013

My House is Quiet: Random Nothingness….

I am working on my second cup, the laundry has been sorted and I making a plan for the rest of the day. Muffinhead is at home and the Girlchild is still sleeping because there is no school today…MLK holiday.

I am feeling the need to wrap my hands around some clay today, I may see if the Girlchild wants to go with me…clay provides a wonderful creative distraction, because I am sooooooooooooooooo not interested in what Michelle Obama is going to wear nor the new bangs.

Downton Abbey, have y’all seen this show. The Hubs was firmly fixed in front of the television watching a marathon on the American President’s yesterday so I pulled out my Kindle and watched the first episode on Netflix, aside from one scene of homosexuality I thought it was a good show. Have y’all been watching this show. I had to make the decision to several seasons ago to stop watching several of my favorite shows  when they began to glorify lifestyles that go against God’s standard. I am uncertain that I want to get involved in this show only to find that I need to stop watching…so if you have been watching this show let me know what you think??

We may make a stop at the Christian bookstore today as well. The Girlchild is in need of a devotional and I am looking for one as well. Any suggestion for devotional material would be welcome today as well.

It seem I need a good bit of help this morning.

I tried to go to Starbucks yesterday and it just wasn’t happening. I was on my way to pick up the Girlchild from choir practice so I thought I would pop in and try the new Blonde Roast they have been advertising. The Kroger that is less than 1/2 a mile from my house has a Starbucks so I made a detour. I walk in and there are about four people in line, decisions, decisions! I stood in line for a few second and then determined that the wait was not worth it and left. I got back in my car and since I was closer to the highway I jumped on there rather than taking my regular route. It was bumper to bumper, yea for me. Then I get off the highway and immediately find myself waiting on a train. Do you ever wonder how much time you spend waiting…all because of a cup of coffee. Then I found myself feeling a bit ticked off at all those people at the Starbucks who had the nerve to all want coffee at the precise time as I did. Then I was mad at Starbucks for only having two people on staff, but then they usually only have two people on staff. It a small in store kiosk…reality bites sometimes! I retuned home coffeless and soothed my frayed nerves with a hot cup of herb tea. Not exactly how I planned to spend the afternoon but sometimes ya just have to go with the flow, like I could do anything about long lines, bumper to bumper traffic and trains…..


I told ya….no great theological revelations, pictures of what I had for dinner or Muffinhead sweetness.,just a lot of ho hum nothingness.



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