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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Project 365 ~ Week 2

Well the new year is off to a slow start. I have been in a bit of a hormonal funk for the last few days so I have spent most of my time just trying to keep my emotional roller coaster to myself and trying not to inflicting my mood on anyone else!

Hormones aside it was a 50/50 week for me as far as getting a shot each day!

Sunday, January 6

Here is my latest project.

It was the Great Reshuffling of 2013! 

You know all those serving piece that you have but only need once or twice a year. Also I have several pieces that belonged to my grandmother, well they had been taking up space in my kitchen for a very long time.

Now I have gotten them OUT of my kitchen, which in turn freed up a lot of space.

I am much happier with the set up in my pantry and kitchen now.

Shuffle #1…..All my platters and trays and other miscellaneous serving pieces were stored in this cabinet in the dinning room. Once it was empty I then moved all my cocktail paraphernalia into it’s new home….


Shuffle #2…Once the cocktail ingredients were moved from the pantry it freed up almost the entire bottom shelf in the pantry…


Shuffle #3…..More serving pieces were removed from my fake butlers pantry, it really is supposed to be a broom closet but who needs a whole closet for a broom. Now I have room for all my plastic pitchers, my other weird miscellaneous stemware and smaller bowls…


Shuffle #4…and now all my serving pieces have a new home upstairs in the bonus room! I don’t have to go digging around in the depths of a cabinet or in search of a box to get the things I want!

I picked up several small sets of wire shelving. I wanted one long shelving unit but with my space requirements these smaller ones worked out better. Three across just filled up the space perfectly.


Life is good!

Does this happen to you! You get all your Christmas decorations packed up and put away in the attic and then you find something that was left out! It happens to me almost every year. I was doing a bit of a pick up and I found this small basket tucked behind all of Muffinhead’s toys. It’s the basket that has all the Manger stuff in it! Now to find a place to store it until next Christmas….cause I'm not getting back up in the attic!


Tuesday, January 8

It was Tea Party time again! I love having tea with my sweet Muffinhead y’all!


Thursday, January 10

My “Four Favorite Words” are “Reduced For Quick Sale”, well you can be sure that I will be keeping my eye out for more of the Beef Shanks that I picked up when I saw my favorite red stickers in the meat department at the grocery store.

They reminded me of a beef short rib or an ox tail and with the reduced price I paid just over a dollar for each pack. I picked up six packages. I beer braised them in my crock pot with carrots and onions, then made a gravy and served them over egg noodles. I used three for this recipe and I have three packages tucked away in the freezer…I LOVE a good deal!

Can y’all say YUM!

It was delicious!


Saturday, January 12

I have had hummus before, but I have never made any. I was a bit shy of ingredients, I did not have any parsley and it was a bit light on the cumin but over all it turned out really good! I think I have a new favorite afternoon snack in my future!


What’s your favorite thing to make in a food processor? Now that I have a brand new one I am looking for different things to make with it!!!!


That was my week! I hope everyone is having a good start to the new year.

Y’all head over to Momma Fran’s  and link up!




skoots1mom said...

your hummus looks great!
love the shelves...you could put the little red basket next to the pedestal dish i made you ;)

momma frans said...

Yum! I love hummus! I like making pesto in my food processor. We always forget to pack something away too. This year it was a little sign that was sitting by itself on top of the t.v. It got shoved in a drawer where it will certainly be forgotten by next Christmas. :-/ usually it's the Christmas doormat,but we managed to remember it this year.
I love your shuffling! I spent my week doing that, too!

Angie said...

Yes! There is ALWAYS a Christmas something left behind. This year it was a fridge decoration/magnet that belongs to the girls. I keep a HOLIDAY box in my basement for other decorations and the random Christmas piece ends up in there fraternizing with the other holidays goodies. :)

See you around the P365!

The Cyber Hermit said...

Yum! Hummus and beef shanks :). I'm with Momma Frans - pesto is awesome in the food processor. I also use it to make a tomatillo sauce for a chicken enchilada casserole.

semperfi said...

Love the pic of Muffin head & having tea - very sweet. Okay I've seen two post of organization & feeling inspired, so maybe I can organize a closet this week

sara said...

everyone is organizing..PLEASE...someone come to my house!!!!

love to make hummus. I also make salsa and pesto in mine!

The Bug said...

Oh man I have GOT to get motivated to organize! The problem is that I need Dr. M's cooperation because a lot of the stuff is HIS. I wonder if he'd notice if it got shuffled around? Hmmm...

That beef dish looks yummy & so does the hummus.

rita said...

Must be something about the new year, new beginnings, that motivates to organize.
I am soooooo grateful for the door from loft into attic in the new house, easy access for the things I forgot to put away.


yumm to the hummus. I love it....but don't like whole garbanzos. It is all about the texture. Looks like you had a fun week. I loved the bowls with the pine trees. Where did you get them?

Kim said...

Missing a Christmas decoration or two seems to be a universal problem :)
Love a good deal at the grocery store! Unfortunately they rarely have them here :(
Good job on all the organizing...I'm still trying to figure out storage issues in our small space.
Have a great week!

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