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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project 365 ~ Week 3

I only missed one day this week, and that was Sunday!

Here is my week!

Monday, January 14

It’s that time again. Getting the new calendar for the refrigerator filled out for the new year.


Tuesday, January 15

This is what I call turning lemons into lemonade.

What happens when you unintentionally go all the way down to the bat, that’s the round disk you place your clay on so it can be easily remove from the wheel head. When you go all the way down to the bat you have to start over because you do not have enough clay left for the bottom of your pot, or it’s time to move to Plan B, which turns into a small pedestal for a shallow dish.

I’m thinking maybe a candy dish?????


What color should I glaze it y’all????

Wednesday, January 16

I have been working on modifying one of my sourdough recipes so it will work in my new food processor. I think I may have gotten the proportions right. I have yet to slice this one up yet so the jury is still out. My normal recipe makes two large loaves and the food process or is only big enough to make one loaf at a time.


I finally finished up this pray shawl project Tuesday evening but it was to dark for pictures. It has been lingering in my yarn basket for a very long time. I do love these colors.


Thursday, January 17

Hummus on whole wheat Ritz crackers for lunch!


I had an entire loaf of Challa just sitting in the bread basket. It was a bit less than fresh. It was a hardship but we suffered though some French toast for dinner.

For the record…homemade challah makes for some really good French toast y’all!


Friday, January 18

There were a couple of leftover slices of bacon from our dinner last night so I I treated myself to a BLT for lunch!


My friend Ann, the lady that I do the pottery with found herself with an extra ticket to a play at our local theater. She asked and I said yes. I joined her and a few of her friends for dinner out and then an evening at the theater. Laa tee daa for me y’all!

We had great seats in the balcony, this was the set up on stage before the show started. It’s not a HUGE theater but it is a very nice one. The tickets can be a bit on the pricy side so I was more than happy to avail myself of an offer of a free ticket!

Let’s just say I had a wonderful time with friends, the dinner before was very good, the fellowship was great…the play, well I am glad that I did not actually pay money for the ticket. It was good but not great! Funny but not memorable, and a bit on the strange side. Over all it was a good time on a Friday night!

And yes the name of the play was….BOB.


Saturday, January 19

It was 20 degrees this morning when I opened my eyes. The backyard was encased in a thin coating of frost.


When it warmed up a bit the the Hubs took the Girlchild out for some parallel parking practice. Her driving test is scheduled for next month. On the way home they stopped at Starbucks. The Girlchild has had a few Starbucks cards burning a whole in her wallet since Christmas and she brought me a Chai Latte y’all!


That’s me week! I hope everyone is having a wonderful first few weeks of the year. I am still contemplating a few more organizational changes but have not followed through with any of them yet. Pondering if I want to or not….

Y’all head over to Momma Fran’s and link up for more P365!




Life in a Small Town said...

When I first saw the pottery (before I scrolled down and saw the whole thing!), I thought it was a sink! It turned out very pretty; I think I would just put a natural glaze on it and keep it the same color.
I usually get an espresso latte when I go to Starbucks, but the other afternoon I got a chai. Little too spicy for my taste; it made my tongue burn! :)

momma frans said...

I'm a sucker for a good BLT, and that one looks great!
I'm a theatre junkie and I've never heard of BOB. Sorry it wasn't fabulous, but at least you had a good time! And it was free!
Have a great week!

semperfi said...

for the pottery, I love anything blue or purple, so those are the colors I would pick. I love that prayer shawl, you do great work.

rita said...

BLT...yummy too!
And great pics of each and every thing.

I'd say at least 1/3 of Mike's pottery is Plan B :-)

The Bug said...

Ooh French toast - yum! And I think I might need to get some hummus the next time I go to the grocery (doubt I'll be making my own - ha!).


Love the pottery....love hummus, love the shawl....love the flowers....looks like your week was amazing.

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