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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 49

Happy P365 y’all!

I put a good dent in my Christmas shopping this week so I am happy about that! I missed two day this week but all in all it was a good week!

Sunday, December 2

I am not a lover of sewing but I do know how to make a repair on something if needed. The Girlchild was in need of a few alterations to an article of clothing. I asked her to bring me the pin cushion. After I had made all the necessary adjustments with the pins she was in charge of making the small corrections necessary.

See how I delegated that less that pleasurable task to my offspring. The first ordered business long ago was to instruct the girlchild how to thread a needle so she could mend something if there should ever be a need.

But I digress, after I had pinned her securely I looked down and noticed that the pin cushion was somehow a bit different from the last time I had seen it.

God love my order craving little girl. I can just see her now rearranging all the pins according to color, each color delegated to it’s own quadrant!

All’s right with the world now!

IMG_1140 IMG_1139

Monday, December 3

It was a pottery studio day so no pictures worth sharing today!

Tuesday, December 4

The orchestra concert was Tuesday evening and on our way how we passed by our minuscule town square. They did have it decked our very nicely for being so small.


Wednesday, December 5

It was such a nice warm day, odd for December, and Muffinhead was staying a bit later than usual so we hopped into the car and headed to the park.

When I watch her play it’s like a time warp y'all

She is so like her Daddy, never a still moment when there's a slide, a swing, a rock wall, a tunnel or a anything that needs to be climbed, hopped over or scaled. 


I thought this was a neat picture of the trees reflected in the pond….


I even think it look good sideways…..

100_1557 trim


Thursday, December 6

Well this one is for you Kim. She wanted to see a picture of the Christmas tree. The Hubs finally got the angel on the top so it is all done.


These are our two newest ornaments we got on our last vacation to New York. Our tree is becoming a very nice representation of all the really fun places we have been over the last few years.

IMG_1163 IMG_1166

Friday, December 7

Well my efforts in the pottery studio paid off this time. I was very happy with the end results of these two pieces.

This is a small shallow bowl that would be good for soup or a salad bowl, I think I am going to give it to my sister or Christmas.

 small bowl 12-06-2012

The funny thing I have learned about working with the cay is that sometimes your accidents turn into really nice pieces. You just never know.

I bit off more than I could chew so to speak and was working with a really large five pound ball of clay. I proved to be a bit more than I could handle given my skill set so far. It began to lean a bit off center and it was horribly uneven around the outer rim. It was was determine to move to the more organic side of things. I felt certain that at any moment it was just going to fall over or collapse. Then I dented the outer edge and made a very nice divot in the rim. Well from there it’s fate was sealed. I thought since it was already dented and way beyond repair that I would just let it go the way it wanted. I ruffled the rest of the outer rim and just let it sit.

I really thought that it would just fall inward as it dried but when I came back to it  a few days later it was still upright.

Happy Bowl

I did a bit of carving on the side and gave it a nice bright cherry yellow and green color scheme and I have to share that I just love it, so much so that I am keeping it for myself!

No pictures on Saturday, December 8

If felt like all I did today was drive folks around. The Girlchild had choir rehearsal this morning and the Hubs had to have his car dropped off for some maintenance then she had to be picked back up and his car had to be picked back up. I had errands to run and I got my hair cut.

It was a productive day but sadly nothing photo worthy happen…

However Saturday was my sisters birthday so….

IMG_0019 - trim 

Wasn’t she a sweet little girl, both her children look very much like her….

Nephewboy (left) My Girlchild (middle) Niecegirl (right)



She was working the traditional 80’s big hair!

Well that’s it for me this week. For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!




sara said...

oh my word, that 80s hair just cracked me up! My hair was just never thick enough to do that! ha!

love your tree, beautiful!!

and both bowls are awesome!

Kim said...

Oooo, thank you for the tree photo! :)

I love your "organic" bowl too. Such pretty colors and it turned into a very fun shape!

It's amazing you get any clear photos of Muffinhead, with the way she whizzes around :)

Have a wonderful week!

The Bug said...

Muffinhead is such a cutie - I'll bet you have to use the sport setting on your camera to get her :)

I love that bowl - so cool!

I had me some pretty good 80s hair - although I didn't wear it quite that big all the time. Happy birthday to your sis!

rita said...

If that's you with the long hair in the last photo, your daughter looks much like you.
Beautiful rescued bowl! Believe me that has happened many a time here.


LOVED the pottery pieces. The 80's hair was funny. Your tree is gorgeous. Great pictures this week.

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