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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 48

Week 48! How did that happen?

I only missed one day this week, not to bad I thought!

Let’s get at it shall we….

Sunday, November 25

Who doesn't love a good Thanksgiving Dinner leftover sandwich. Well technically mine was not an authentic Thanksgiving sandwich since it was made with my left over Pork Loin Roast but I have to tell y'all it did the trick just the same. Now it feels like thanksgiving y’all!

I did some cooking in my kitchen and I got my leftover sandwich!

IMG_1115 edit

Monday, November 26

The Hubs put the tree up for me yesterday so it was a decorating day for me on Monday. I got the mantle done and a few other decorations placed around.


Tuesday, November 27

Every once and a while the dog will loose his mind and revert back to being a puppy. I thought I was going to have to worry about Muffinhead not begin able to keep her sweet little mitts off the tree….seems Buster took a liking to this ornament that Skoots1mom made for me last year. Oh well it was a nice addition while it lasted.


No pictures on Wednesday, November 28

Thursday, November 29

We had a belated birthday celebration for little OLD me on Thursday night. I love all the women in my small group. They know how to love a girl on her birthday! A princess birthday crown, a giant pen and cake pop’s! Who wouldn’t want to celebrate a birthday like that!

Photo: Susan Kirkman & Robin Lambright, our queen for the evening!

Friday, November 30

Y’all some day's it’s a good day with the clay and others are just not. It was defiantly not a throwing day for me. I prepped several small balls of clay hoping for some soup bowls and ended up with only one successful piece. Some days you have the throwing mojo and some days you just don’t. But then I also have to factor in a HUGE learning curve and a big portion of operator error in on my part. It’s all about practicing for me and learning from my mistakes.

I told Skoots1mom that I was planning to head to the clay studio so I invited her to join me. She took a turn at the wheel.

It’s fun to learn something new.


Saturday, December 1

Well after such an unsuccessful day at the potters wheel I decided I needed to try to be successful at something. I have been feeling a bit off in the bread making department over my last few times. I was afraid that I had lost my bread making mojo as well. I pulled out all my bread making paraphernalia and set to work.

My bread making philosophy is simple. It is just as easy to wait on one batch to proof as it is to wait on two. As long as I am going to wreck my kitchen I might as well get as much bang for my messy buck as possible.

I am HUHE advocate of the clean while you work theory. I also try when possible to have a completely empty dishwasher on hand to make the clean up of the bread making as easy as possible. However this morning when I opened the dishwasher I found that it had not gotten turned on the evening before so it was not to be.


I made a batch of Whole Wheat Honey Bread and I did a bit of tweaking to a breakfast bread recipe I have been working on for a while. The last time I did it it was not to successful, horrible even! You can click here for the photographic evidence of my total bread failure!

I think I may have gotten a good batch y’all.

IMG_1135 - edit

Well that was my week.

I hope y’all are all gearing up for a wonderful Christmas season.

I look forward to seeing all your lovely pictures of many beautiful trees and lots of holiday fun!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!




sara said...

That bread looks amazing!!! so how was it? successful?

I wish I could try my hand with you at the pottery wheel. I think I would love that!!!

The Bug said...

Your sandwich & the mantle look amazing! Thank goodness Mike is on his way to get me some lunch :)

Love the birthday pic - you guys are so cute.

Kim said...

How about a picture of your decorated tree too? :) I'm enjoying Christmas vicariously through y'all this year, since I don't have room to put up a tree.

The bread made my mouth water! Too hot to bake here though. Again, I'll just enjoy it vicariously through you.

You have a good attitude about being a potter... or doing anything, really. We can't score 100% all the time!

Have a great week :)


Yummy bread....I love the smell of bread baking. It was fun seeing Skoots working the potters wheel. Loved your shots.

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