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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Christmas Tour of Ornaments…

Linking up with Sara today with a bit of Christmas cheer. Many years ago we began the tradition of getting a Christmas ornament whenever we traveled to a new place, either on vacation or for just a fun short trip.

I thought I would share a few shots of some of my favorite ornaments that we have acquired over the years.

I shared these last week in my P365 post but these are my two newest ornaments we got on our last vacation, we went to New York!



These were from our vacation in San Francisco!







Disney World


The Kennedy Space Center


Mount Rushmore




Biltmore House


These last to shot are not ornaments acquired on vacation, but I am including them anyway. These three cardinal ornaments are my oldest ornaments. I bought them if memory serves for our first or second Christmas together as a couple. I got them because they reminded me of my Grandfather. His favorite bird was the cardinal. He passed away just shortly before I met the Hubs. They are holding up well for being so old, however one of the beaks of one of the birds has fallen off and I have had to glue the little clips several times. I take extra care each year when I put them away to insure their survival.


I am sharing these just because it makes me smile. Muffinhead has been on a mission over the last few days. Every time she spots one of the multiple birds ornament I have on the tree, I collect them, I try to find new bird ornaments every year. Any way she is determine that all the bird ornaments all should live on the tree in the same place. Announcing that the Mommy Bird and the Daddy Bird and all the brother ands sister birds all need to stay together in one place.

After I took this picture she found one more bird and we have moved that one to his new family home as well….





Life in a Small Town said...

We've started getting ornaments when we go on vacation.
Didn't you just love Copenhagen? I'm going again in June! :)

sara said...

of course all the bird family needs to be together!!!! :) so sweet!

The Bug said...

Aw Muffinhead is too cute. We have a lot of ornaments from places we've been too, but it's been years since we put up a full tree & used all our decorations.

Maple Lane said...

Hi Robin, I am a GA blogger and wanted to say "merry Christmas." I enjoyed seeing your lovely and cherished ornaments. Mildred

Sassy Granny ... said...

What a great way to capture & re-live vacations! Wish I'd started that long ago.

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